HSA news release 7th October 1995

Hunt thugs on rampage again
British Field Sports Society press spokesman arrested for assault

Barely six weeks into the new cubhunting season, saboteurs across the country are again under attack from hunt thugs.

In a morning of violence, balaclava-clad thugs at the Crawley and Horsham Foxhunt in Sussex smashed a saboteur van's windscreen. Meanwhile at the Cattistock Foxhunt in Somerset, Alistair Jackson, the southeast region press spokesman of the British Field Sports Society (BFSS), was arrested after punching a saboteur to the ground.

HSA news release 15th June 1995

The trial of two saboteurs charged with violent disorder after a demonstration against the Criminal Justice Act at the Essex Foxhunt last November ended in humiliation for Essex police today at Chelmsford Crown Court. The case against one man, Ken Edmundson, was thrown out of court two days ago as there was absolutely no evidence that he had committed any offence.

HSA news release 7th June 1995

Court case reveals off-duty cop took part in mob attack

Northumbria police today suffered a humiliating defeat in a case of aggravated trespass against five hunt saboteurs heard at Hexham Magistrates Courts. The five saboteurs were arrested on 19th November 1994 at the Tynedale Foxhunt, about an hour after the start of the hunt.


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