HSA news release 12th January 1995

Kent Crown Prosecution Service demonstrated their confidence in the new Criminal Justice and Public Order Act earlier this week when they dropped charges of aggravated trespass against a hunt saboteur appearing at Maidstone magistrates court on Monday 9th January 1995.

Erica Wirrmann, a member of Ashford Hunt Saboteurs, was arrested with two other saboteurs at the Ashford Valley Foxhunt meet at Chainhurst, Kent, on 12th November 1994. She had been charged under s.69 of the new act, but when she appeared in court on Monday, pleading not guilty, Kent CPS offered to drop the criminal charge if she would agree to be bound over for 12 months in the sum of £100. As she is leaving the country next month and did not wish her departure to be delayed, she agreed to be bound over. A bindover is a civil remedy and means that Erica has not been found guilty of any criminal offence; as she will not be in the country, the bindover will make no difference to her whatsoever.

HSA news release 7th January 1995

Today at the Garth and South Berkshire Foxhunt's meet at Mortimer West End, South Berkshire, Hampshire police officers instigated an "arrest on sight" policy against hunt saboteurs at what had been a peaceful event until their arrival.

The Hampshire officers had been called in as Thames Valley Police only had 10 officers and five special constables available. Local police could only look on in amazement as the Hampshire officers arrested 10 protesters more or less on a whim. All those arrested are believed to have been arrested under the provisions of the new Criminal Justice Act, although many of the Hampshire officers were unsure as to what the law really meant. Thames Valley Police have so far adopted a low-key approach to the new legislation, and indeed saboteurs using the same tactics at a Garth and South Berks Hunt meet in the same area two weeks ago had a trouble-free day with no arrests and no trouble on either side.

HSA news release 31st December 1994

In amazing scenes at the Old Berkshire Foxhunt meet at Uffington today, a task force of 5 police officers from Faringdon police descended on saboteurs and bullied them out of the area. The squad was headed by PC Tim Dunning, who is a member of the Old Berkshire Hunt and socialises with their top officials. He has been the subject of many complaints from saboteurs before for his blatantly biased and unlawful actions while policing hunts.

Six members of Swindon Hunt Saboteurs had only just arrived at today's hunt when the squad of officers was called in by hunt secretary Edward Leigh-Pemberton, son of the former governor of the Bank of England and a personal friend of PC Dunning's. The saboteurs had just come off a footpath they had been standing on to watch the hunt and were standing peacefully on the road. The saboteurs, including Rev Bert Jones, a 67-year old United Reformed Church Minister, were astonished as the police:


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