TWO Cumbrian men have been found guilty by a Sheriff of deliberately hunting foxes and badgers on farmland near Langholm.

Ryan Lowe, 30, of Baird Road, Harraby, Carlisle, and 40-year-old Brian Sanderson, of West Lane, Shap, were also found guilty of being in possession of items capable of being used for an offence contrary to the Protection of Badgers Act.

They were found not guilty of approaching a badger sett with the dogs, disturbing entrances and causing a dog to enter the sett.

It followed a three-day trial during which the men had claimed they were only out for a walk with dogs at Effgill at Westerkirk last May.

They will be sentenced next month.

ITV News Wed 25 Apr 2012

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Red Fox In Snow

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Hunter, Hound and Victim


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This photograph shows the aftermath of a viscious attack by members of the Cotswold Vale Hunt on a woman in her 60's.

As we reported back in March, the attack took place when the Woman and her Son took issue with the Hunt tresspassing on their land. A group of twelve men responded by attacking her Son, and turned their attack on her when she tried to help him, resulting in the injury seen in the photograph below.

Victim of Hunt Trespass and ViolenceVictim of Hunt Trespass and Violence

 The full story is available in our archive here, or alternatively at