50th Anniversary

In the past 6 months the Hunt Saboteurs Association has donated well over £30,000 to local saboteur groups and we have seen the formation of 6 new local groups - Kernow, Dorset, Somerset, North Wales, North Norfolk and Borders.  Hunt saboteurs from across the country were also instrumental in the failure of the Government's badger cull.


The money we have distributed has provided groups with vehicles and insurance, cameras, maps and various other essential equipment.  Over £3000 was spent on night vision alone to help sabs fight the badger cull and we also provided fuel for groups across the country to reach both cull zones and play such a significant role in the disruption of the cull.  The publicity surrounding the culls has led to an influx of new members and supporters for the HSA, many of whom have become active saboteurs getting out in the fields to directly intervene between the hunters and their quarry.


So as we enter our second 50 years life looks increasingly positive for the Hunt Saboteurs Association.  We have more sabs, more groups, better vehicles and equipment, more supporters and more money.  This  means that we can save more wildlife and be a louder voice for those that can't speak up for themselves.


Thank you Mr. Paterson, we couldn't have done it without you!


On Boxing Day 1963 four people sabbed the South Devon hunt in what was the first official act of sabotage by the Hunt Saboteurs Association. On Saturday 18 January 2014, just over 50 years later, over 100 hunt saboteurs from across Southern England and Wales descended on Dartmoor National Park to sabotage the same hunt.


In the 50 years that we have been in existence there have been many changes, most notably the Criminal Justice Act, that aimed to make hunt sabotage illegal, and the hunting act which came into force in 2005, but the one thing that has not changed is that they still hunt wildlife and we still save it.



Saturday's events were testament to that, as the South Devon illegally tried to hunt foxes only to be repeatedly stopped by the large numbers of saboteurs. Despite acts of aggression from the support, who rammed our vehicles with quad bikes, and the awful weather conditions, the saboteurs ensured a kill free day.



There was a large police presence but they took no interest in the illegal hunting or acts of aggression from the hunt. One officer's reply to the question: "Are you here to prevent them from illegally hunting?" was: "No. Hunting is an issue for DEFRA, not the



With many new sab groups forming across the UK and the existing groups going from strength-to-strength, it's a sure sign that the British public continue to feel more and more disillusioned with the cruel and illegal acts that are committed in our countryside.



As well as the events on Dartmoor there where hundreds of other saboteurs out across the UK doing what they do best - protecting the nation's wildlife from persecution.

50th Anniversary Sab








Due to the embarrassment caused to the hunting community this photo has been issued with a take down notice, but in its place we have evidence of animal abuse by George Humfrey of Tiverton Foxhounds. The voices in the video are hunt followers.





To celebrate 50 years of direct action against bloodsport we've released a new range of merchandise featuring mugs, t-shirts and cloth badges! Available now at our webshop.


New 50th Anniversary Merchandise available now!

Please support us, we will fight for badgers - what will you do?

As most people will be aware the Government's pilot badger culls have begun in West Somerset, with Gloucestershire to follow imminently. We have been active via our locally run Hunt Saboteur groups in mapping setts in the cull zones and will now be active in fighting this mindless slaughter every step of the way.Stop The Cull Logo

We will be working with all groups nationally and locally in the cull zones to oppose this senseless

destruction of our badgers and the potential spreading of the disease bovine TB.

The cull if it goes ahead unhindered for the next six weeks, will see the slaughter of around 5,000 badgers. Of course many more will be maimed or wounded and left to die a slow painful death. Only 120 of these dead bodies collected, will be screened for the disease.

If you are unable to get to the zone to voice your opposition in person please assist us on social media sites, writing to your MP and giving us greatly needed monetary support by donation, joining the HSA or buying merchandise.


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