Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release October 27th 2012

The Southdown and Eridge fox hunt held its opening meet of the season at Firle, near Lewes east Sussex, today. It was clear from the start that they intend to carry on their practice of flaunting the hunting ban and launching organised attacks against any who oppose them.

Slightly east of the meet the huntsman put up a fox and was encouraging the hounds onto the scent. Before sabs were able to intervene they were subject to an  unprovoked attacked by around 10 hunt supporters, the very same men who had been the perpetrators of similar attacks in the past two seasons. The attack left  three hunt saboteurs with head wounds and severe bruising which resulted in hospitalisation and stiches. Their attackers also stole a video camera and glasses.  Following these attacks the sabs were ridden at by members of the hunt, driven at by a car follower and then assaulted by the ‘hunt stewards’ while attempting to seek medical treatment. The police were called but said they could not take any action until statements had been taken.

The remaining sabs soon located the hunt on the South Downs, a national park, with the huntsman off his horse clearly hunting. Before video evidence could be gathered they were surrounded by four quad bikes carrying the same men who had carried out the earlier assault, and attacked again. The police were once again called and eventually arrested one hunt supporter.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “We are pleased that the police eventually arrested one hunt supporter however they should have acted decisively much earlier in the day. The South Down and Eridge should have realised by now that violence doesn't deter our members and in fact only makes them more determined to thwart their illegal activities.”

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Note to editors
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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release October 24th 2012

Paul Standen, a supporter of the Ross Harriers Hunt, pleaded guilty today to assaulting two hunt saboteurs. Standen, who was on trial at Hereford Magistrates Court, had to pay a fine, costs and compensation.

The incident occurred in March this year when the Ross Harriers met at Kilpeck near Hereford. Standen drove his vehicle at a group of saboteurStanden-Webs before jumping out and violently pushing a female out of the way before punching another member of the group in the face. Unfortunately for him the whole attack was filmed and he was arrested.

Lee Peters, Master of the hunt, is also in court next month for racially abusing a hunt saboteur.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “It is always a pleasure to see justice done, however we wish Mr. Standen had done the honourable thing and pleaded guilty much earlier in the proceedings and saved the tax payer a great deal of money. We look forward to a similar result next month when Mr. Peters is in court and we hope the Ross Harriers will start to realise they are not above the law.”


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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release October 23rd 2012

The Government have announced that the proposed cull of badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset will not take place until next Summer at the earliest. Like a true politician the Defra minister, Owen Paterson, blamed the weather, the Olympics and too many badgers for the delay. We're surprised he didn't mention leaves on the line as well!Badger-4751-300x204

We will use this extra time to be even better prepared, if and when the cull finally starts. We have had a massive surge in membership and interest from people sickened by the proposed slaughter and we will be working hard throughout the winter months to complete our preparations against the cull. Local hunt saboteur groups have already informed us that they intend to maintain pressure on fox hunts and game bird shoots within the zones through legal direct action and groups from across the country will continue to survey throughout the winter so that if the cull starts we will know exactly where the badger setts are located.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Today was a massive step forward in the fight to save the badgers, however it is not the end. We must make sure we keep campaigning hard throughout the winter to ensure the concept of culling badgers is forever consigned to the scrap heap of history. Our local groups, bouyed by all their new members, are eager to get out in the fields and do what they do best, directly intervene on behalf of this country's persecuted wildlife”

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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release October 14th 2012

Over 80 hunt saboteurs and anti-cull campaigners descended on Forthampton Estate near Tewkesbury today to show their disapproval at the proposed badger cull. The 3000 acre shooting estate covers 3% of the Gloucestershire cull zone and fully supports the cull. The saboteurs took full advantage of the estate's many footpaths to legally survey for badger setts as well as looking for evidence of the shooting industries guilty secrets and bad practices. They were followed by concerned, and occasionally aggressive, estate staff who were keen to keep them away from the game bird breeding facilities and release pens. The estate also had private security guarding key buildings. The police were out in force and even felt it necessary to send out their helicopter to keep an eye on events.binoculars

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Today was an exercise in showing the cost of being involved in the cull. No one broke the law or went anywhere they weren't allowed yet Forthampton estate felt the need to bring all their staff in on a Sunday and even employ extra security while the police were out in force to watch people strolling around the countryside. With so many footpaths Forthampton Estate, and many other landowners in the cull zones, will find it difficult to stop legal opposition to the un-scientific, immoral badger cull”

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Knock knock knockin' on the Tory's door!

Yesterday saw Hunt Saboteurs from all round the country give up their precious Sunday to travel to Birmingham and join other Anti-Badger Cull ToryConferenceDemo4activists in displaying their support for the Hunting Act and their opposition to the Coalition Government's plans to tackle Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) by attempting to cull up to 70% of the native badger population, despite strong opposition by countless animal welfare groups, scientists and activists.ToryConferenceDemo3

The day started with West Midlands police showing hostility to various people attempting to join in the protest and turning them away citing that the protest “was full”. Amusingly it wasn't just activists being turned away, but also furious members of the public who were simply trying to pass through the area. Undeterred, activists who were turned away found other routes to the protest rendering the Police's attempt at subverting democracy a failure.

Prior to the protest, a protest pen had been set up across the road from the entrance to the conference which the Police tried to force the activists into. However, standing their ground the activists refused to move and sat down in a line in front of the Police to avoid being pushed away from the entrance.

As the protest peaked, several Hunt Saboteurs equipped with HSA flags and poles made their presence known and made an attempt to enter the conference building, but it turns out they weren't on the list. Imagine that.ToryConferenceDemo2Small


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