The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has been fighting cruelty to animals since 1963 and relies entirely on the generosity of its members and supporters. We have no paid staff, so every penny donated to the HSA goes exactly where it really counts, the groups saving the lives of hunted animals in the field.


If you are kind enough to leave a gift to the Hunt Saboteurs Association in your will, you can help to ensure that the good work carried out by active sabs carries on.

Red Fox In Snow

If you pass on without making a will, your estate is divided according to 'intestacy rules'. This can take a long time and may mean that the people or organisations that you would have liked to have benefited do not receive anything, whilst the government receives a share of your estate.


Wills are legally binding documents which should be written with the help of a solicitor. Many law firms advertise this specialism in the Yellow Pages and online, or you can contact the law society on 020 7242 1222 for advice. If you already have a will, a bequest to the HSA can be added as a codicil.


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Hunter, Hound and Victim


You can help us save lives

This photograph shows the aftermath of a viscious attack by members of the Cotswold Vale Hunt on a woman in her 60's.

As we reported back in March, the attack took place when the Woman and her Son took issue with the Hunt tresspassing on their land. A group of twelve men responded by attacking her Son, and turned their attack on her when she tried to help him, resulting in the injury seen in the photograph below.

Victim of Hunt Trespass and ViolenceVictim of Hunt Trespass and Violence

 The full story is available in our archive here, or alternatively at


The Welsh Assembly has announced  that it's scrapping its controversial badger cull  and will instead carry out a vaccination programme to try and minimise the spread of Bovine TB.
The HSA would like to congratulate PAC (Pembrokeshire Against the Cull) and everyone else who has fought tirelessly against this ridiculous cull and we hope that Westminster now follows suit and stops the English cull due to begin this Autumn.

John Griffiths, Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development in the Welsh Government said:-

"After careful consideration I have decide to pursue a badger vaccination programme.....I have asked my Chief Veterinary Officer to design the project to begin in the Intensive Action Area this summer and continue for five years. I have also asked her to consider other geographical areas where vaccination could also contribute to TB eradication ...

I have noted the advice on the potential benefits that might be obtained from vaccination or culling. My conclusion is that I am not at present satisfied that a cull of badgers would be necessary to bring about a substantial reduction in the incidence of bovine TB in cattle in which case I cannot authorise a cull under the Animal Health Act 1981."

There were many questions in the Senedd with several opposition AMs saying that the Minister had betrayed the rural community by not authorising a badger cull. (Elin Jones' comments re killing badgers were appalling and she was rightly called to order by the Presiding Officer). John Griffiths responded with clarity and knowledge about the nature of bovine TB and options for its control , and robust reasoning for choosing to go ahead with vaccination without delay. He has clearly taken on board key issues such as latency of TB, and perturbation of badgers and possible spread of TB from culling.

In the past few weeks two established Hunt Sab Groups have had their vehicles stolen and then set on fire within hours of the thefts. The vehicles belonged to the Croydon and Sheffield groups. At the first theft we were willing to believe that this was a normal crime but the duplication at Sheffield leads us to suspect that these are planned attacks by the Hunting community. At this stage we cannot prove anything and feel it is unlikely that the police will come up with anything, but it seems obvious to us that these arson attacks on vehicle right at the start of the season are an attempt to curtail the activities of Hunt Sabs in the respective areas. Needless to say this tactic will not work and both groups will be active in the field in the weeks to come.

The Hunting community is desperate. Following the ban they pinned their hopes on police inaction and a Tory government. It seems that the many new Tory MPs do not want the return of Hunting, even with the pro-Blood sport leader in power. They are becoming desperate as their numbers of supporters drop each passing season. This is the latest attempt to hinder their opponents, one in a long line of illegal activities, from violent attacks to property damage. Needless to say their tactics will not work and we will continue to fight them in the field until their sick and barbaric sport is finally ended.