Hunt saboteurs association Press Release September 7th 2013

Animal rights campaigner Joan Court, 94, will stage a 24 hour hunger strike next week to highlight opposition to the badger cull and raise support for the Hunt Saboteurs Association. The protest will start at 8am on Tuesday in Tewkesbury Market place.

The government sanctioned badger slaughter is currently taking place in Somerset and Gloucestershire and if allowed to continued uninterrupted will see the death of 5000 badgers by the middle of October. Many more will be maimed or wounded and left to die a slow painful death. This is a pilot cull and could potentially be rolled out nationwide so it is vital we stop it now.

Joan said: "I think the cull is horrendous, unnecessary, unscientific and brutal.

"We are wiping out our wild animals when all the scientific advice is the same, that we should concentrate on vaccinating. I would like to be with the hunt saboteurs but I think the most useful thing I can do is to raise money to help stop the cull."

Hunt Saboteurs from across the country have been fighting the cull since it was first announced. Groups have thoroughly surveyed the cull zones to find the badger setts and are now camped out, directly intervening between the shooters and the badgers.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: "We thank Joan for her tireless commitment to animals and for making such a sacrifice to highlight this cruel cull. It is deeply disappointing that in this day and age a 94 year old has to go on hunger strike about this issue. The badger kill is immoral and unscientific and it is criminal that the Con-Dem government has forced it to happen against all impartial advice."


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Members of the hunt saboteurs from far and wide have been in proposed badger Cull zones for many weeks, gathering information on badger setts and other useful information to prevent the cull. This Saturday over 50 hunt sabs descended on Orchard Wyndham and other near locations including  an impromptu inspection of peasant pens on a shooting estate much to the distress of the workers. Although police were aware of the sabs presence no attempt was made to communicate and sabs were free to roam at will across the sab zones.

Lee Moon of the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:SummerSabbing

“Our members will be back in the cull zones when the shooting stars and we save badgers by sabotaging the cull. The vast majority of the population is against this unscientific cull and we will prevent as many deaths as possible. We have been inundated with message of support from the public, as well as substantial donations. The British public is proving itself to be as pro animal as normal, but this  government fails to represent the vast majority’s views and continues with their vendetta against the nations wildlife.”

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 22nd May 2013


Hunt Saboteurs have today welcomed news that PC Sarah Ward, from North Yorkshire Police is no longer in position as a Wildlife Crime Officer. This comes after a complaint made by a saboteur about the officers link to the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Foxhounds.

On 9th March 2013, Sarah Ward had been involved in a case in which the York & Ainsty South Foxhounds had been accused of deliberately illegally hunting and killing a fox at a meet near Escrick Park, North Yorkshire. Saboteurs from Sheffield and Manchester had witnessed the huntsman lead the hounds into a large area of elephant grass, where they quickly picked up on a scent of a fox.  They reported that the hounds were encouraged by the huntsman before catching and killing the fox.  Two red coated members quickly rode away with the fox's body and only entrails were left. The saboteurs presented the entrails to police officers in attendance and Sarah Ward was called to take statements from witnesses. The questions asked by Ward were geared more towards gathering more information on saboteurs than the incident in question.

Sarah Ward had also been involved in a case where it was alleged that the Y&AS terrier men had dug into a badget set on 17th December 2011.  No action was taken and we can only wonder if there have been other cases she has thrown out. She was also involved in a failed case of “trespassing to disrupt a lawful activity” against hunt sabs in 26th November 2011, when the saboteurs had stopped an unlawful dig-out of a fox.

Hunt saboteurs were informed that Sarah Ward rides with the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Foxhounds who saboteurs allege consistently and routinely flout the Hunting Act 2004. I an email, the hunt saboteur witnesses challenged Ward on her involvement with the hunt and she responded: "I do follow hounds occasionally and don't see what my hobbies have to do with members of the public as others wouldn't tell them they go bike riding.” , a few minutes later two attempts were made to recall the email. This information was then used to make an official complaint about Ward being biased in favour of the hunt.

Following the complaint, a letter from North Yorkshire Police, dated 12 April 2013 reported that Ward “will no longer deal with similar matters or any wildlife crime”. Saboteurs working in the North Yorkshire area welcome this decision and hope that Ward's successor is someone who actually cares about wildlife crime, and not potentially a part of it..

Lee Moon, press officer of the HSA stated:
“North Yorkshire Police have clearly made the correct decision in removing Sarah Ward from her post as Wildlife Officer, but the question should be asked what vetting procedure is used as well what training and expected skills are required regarding this post. Clearly there is a  failure in the process so far. Although hunts ‘could’ be acting legally considering the frequent convictions using the hunting act, the claims made in the press by the Countryside Alliance, and the clear intention to return to legal hunting as soon as they can, any person who rides with a hunt cannot be seen as a fit person to be a Police wildlife officer.  We assume all Wildlife cases she has been involved in will be reviewed, especially the most recent cases and appropriate actions taken by the police.”

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 14th May 2013

On Tuesday 19th March 2013, Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt, Dean Common Farm, a drunken hunt supporter Adrian Wood forced entry to a hunt saboteur vehicle. The two female occupants could not stop his advances and had to drive away with him inside the vehicle in the hope that other hunt saboteurs or members of the hunt would be able to assist in removing him from their vehicle. Although other members of the hunt were in attendance none made any moves to assist. The two saboteurs were the subject of unwanted physical advances while trying to gain assistance by calling 999. Eventually they managed to remove him from their vehicle. Although called the police did not attend the scene (Crime ref CR/06463/13).

After an investigation the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) refused to prosecute.

Video of the incident can be viewed below:


Lee Moon, press officer of the HSA stated:

“If two women had been subjected to the forced entry of their vehicle by a drunken yob in a town high street, and had then been made to drive him around while being the victim of unwanted advances we suspect that the police would have responded in a different fashion.

Once again those who try and protect our wildlife from the excesses of the countryside thugs are left to fend for themselves. This of course will not deter our brave people but it stinks of hypocrisy and inequality.”


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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 17th April 2013


On 15th December 2012 members of the Berkshire and North Downs hunt saboteur groups attended a meet of the old Berkshire fox hunt near Ashbury.

During the day one member was attacked by one of the hunts riders. Gemma Margaret Brooking assaulted a hunt saboteur with her riding crop and she was subsequently charged and pleaded guilty to assault by beating.  She was ordered to pay £75 in compensation, fined £100 and £75 in costs.

Lee Moon, press officer of the HSA stated:

"Once more we have an incident of unprovoked hunt violence and a member of a hunt found guilty of criminal activity. This unprovoked attack with a weapon is just one of many incidents which occurred during the last hunting season. The punishment is paltry and we can only hope that any future offences by this hunt are treated in a more serious fashion. Hunt saboteurs will continue to defend our wildlife regardless of the constant violent attacks from the hunting community.  We expect no less from people whose dearest wish is to return to the days when they could kill animals with impunity."

The video of the attack can be viewed here:



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