Knock knock knockin' on the Tory's door!

Yesterday saw Hunt Saboteurs from all round the country give up their precious Sunday to travel to Birmingham and join other Anti-Badger Cull ToryConferenceDemo4activists in displaying their support for the Hunting Act and their opposition to the Coalition Government's plans to tackle Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) by attempting to cull up to 70% of the native badger population, despite strong opposition by countless animal welfare groups, scientists and activists.ToryConferenceDemo3

The day started with West Midlands police showing hostility to various people attempting to join in the protest and turning them away citing that the protest “was full”. Amusingly it wasn't just activists being turned away, but also furious members of the public who were simply trying to pass through the area. Undeterred, activists who were turned away found other routes to the protest rendering the Police's attempt at subverting democracy a failure.

Prior to the protest, a protest pen had been set up across the road from the entrance to the conference which the Police tried to force the activists into. However, standing their ground the activists refused to move and sat down in a line in front of the Police to avoid being pushed away from the entrance.

As the protest peaked, several Hunt Saboteurs equipped with HSA flags and poles made their presence known and made an attempt to enter the conference building, but it turns out they weren't on the list. Imagine that.ToryConferenceDemo2Small

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release September 26th 2012

This morning hunt saboteurs, from the Three Counties and Coventry groups, witnessed the Ledbury Hunt chase a fox down an active badger sett that had had most of its entrances blocked by hunt staff.

The hunt had met at Redmarley, Gloucestershire, and were clearly observed to be illegally cub hunting. They had already chased an adult fox and only the intervention of saboteurs had enabled the animal to escape. They then chased a second fox and a saboteur filmed the hounds follow it to an active badger sett. All but one of the entrances had been blocked with logs and soil and fresh spade marks could be seen where the sett had been disturbed. When they realised they were being monitored the hunt staff quickly removed their hounds from the scene.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “At a time when badgers are such a hot topic, particularly in Gloucestershire, it is incredible to witness the arrogance of the hunting community. They not only illegally chase foxes but are also illegally interfering with badger setts. With the increased public interest in these issues due to the imminent badger cull, which has led to an influx of new members, we look forward to being able to gather more evidence of illegal hunting and save more persecuted wild life.”

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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release September 25th 2012

The Hunt Saboteurs Association has had an influx of new members and supporters in the past few weeks as public anger has mounted against the Government's proposed badger cull. These new members will be joining local saboteur groups and travelling to the cull zones to engage in peaceful, legal direct action against the slaughter as soon as it starts. Many hunt saboteurs are veterans of the Krebs and Welsh badger culls and will be able to share their expertise of how to safely campaign against the armed killers.LiveFiring

The cull is due to begin this Autumn in two pilot areas, one in Somerset and one in Gloucestershire. The results from these pilots will determine whether or not the cull is rolled out to bTB hotspots nationwide in future years, Defra is prepared to kill at least 70% of the badgers within cull areas; this may effectively kill all the badgers in those areas. Badgers will be shot, at night, with high powered rifles which may pose a threat to local residents, pets and other animals.
Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Now is an exciting time to be campaigning for the rights of wild animals. It has been years since we had such a surge in interest and we are confident that, once the badger cull has been stopped, these new members will join us in the fight against bloodsports.”

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Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 25th September 2012

Four hounds, from the Surrey Union Hunt, were hit by a car this morning
on a road between Newdigate and Charlwood.  The female driver had no
chance to avoid the hounds as they ran straight out in front of her
car.  One hound went under her car and was taken away by the hunt. We
have no confirmation, as yet, whether it's alive or dead.  The woman's
vehicle was covered in blood after the incident and a van had to swerve
of the road, into a hedge, to avoid the hounds, sustaining minor damage.
No hunt saboteurs were in the area during this incident but were
contacted by a concerned witness.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:  "If
the Surrey Union were following an artificial trail, as they claim, then
what were their hounds doing near a road during the morning rush hour?
We believe their hounds must've been hunting a wild animal, in
contravention of the 2004 Hunting Act.  This is not an accident, as the
hunt will no doubt claim, but another example of hunts flouting the law
and putting their hounds, wild animals and motorists at risk."

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Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release August 24th 2012

Surrey constabulary have shown their usual bias by arresting one female hunt saboteur for harassment outside the Surrey union kennels on the 23rd August. The very same saboteur who was the victim of death threats and attempts to ride her down only last week. No police action has been made in relation to these two crimes to date. The arrest was made purely on the verbal evidence of one member of the hunt.

The remaining members of Guildford hunt sabs continued on despite threats of arrests and forced the hunt to cease its activities by 7am. There is no reason why a legitimate hunt would go out in the very early hours of the day if they were just to lay a false trail, and it is clear that this hunt is attempting to break the law by 'accidentally' killing thus training their hounds to kill foxes.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: "Hunt saboteurs have been the victim of aggressive, and at times illegal, police action throughout its 50 year history. This has not changed much since the ban and Surrey Constabulary has always been high up the list of police forces using aggressive tactics, in the past this went as far as having two mounted riders out with the hunt on horseback. Members of the hunt saboteurs will not be put off by such tactics and as long as we suspect that hunts are breaking the law we will be there to take evidence and if need be intervene to save animals' lives".


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