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Gabrielle's Manor near Edenbridge has long been a place of interest for Hunt Saboteurs. It is a meet for the Old Surrey and Burstow and it used to
be a major pheasant shooting estate. It is now home to a fishery and there were rumours of duck shooting and mink hunts on the site.

Illegal Hunting Kent-26.resized A team from Croydon sabs decided to have a gentle stroll through the grounds yesterday, Saturday 22nd August. Whilst enjoying watching a large number of horses and foals grazing in a field, the vigilant sabs spotted a group of people and dogs on a nearby riverbank.

The sabs crossed the field and reached the river downstream from the group. They were immediately approached by a man carrying a mink hunting staff. With their suspicions now fully aroused, the sabs approached the main group and saw the hounds on the opposite bank. As the sabs crossed the river, the huntsman decided his day was up and turned back towards his hound van with the sabs in pursuit. One elderly hunter thought it would be a good idea to push one of the sabs, at which point the sabs phoned the police.

Illegal Hunting Kent-32.resizedThe hounds were quickly boxed up and driven away with the sabs trying to follow on foot. As the sabs reached the road, the police arrived and
stopped the main convoy of hunt vehicles. All of the hunters present had their details taken by the police, who also informed the wildlife officers in all three adjacent counties that illegal hunting might be taking place.




Usan Salmon Fisheries aka Scottish Wild Salmon Company today received the judge's sentencing at Forfar Sheriffs Court. Members of the HSA Seal Guardian Campaign attended court to hear the verdict. They were fined £7000 for multiple breaches of netting laws (leaving nets in the water out of permitted hours and the taking of fish past the 6pm Friday night weekend close time). George Pullar requested 18 months to pay the fine. The judge gave him 12 months. We think if they just sold one of their 4 flashy pick up trucks with personalised plates, or the land rover, or one of the boats that haven't been used all season and are just sitting on a grassy bank, or one of the vintage cars, or a tractor, or one of the flat beds, or one of their many properties (flats, houses, etc) they'd be able to pay it off with no bother.

The defence lawyer told the court that Usan had suffered a decrease in profits from £68,000 to £38,000, and were in a "bad trading position"... And that for tax purposes, neither George nor David Pullar, company directors, took a wage...   They get paid in dividends. The judge noted that there had recently been a "substantial increase in purchases" by the company and there had been a "very substantial increase in turnover" since 2013.

So, the seal-shooting company finally have a criminal record!

The HSA Seal Guardian Campaign 2015 can finally introduce to our supporters, the Black Shark and the White Dove.

drone 2

For the past 5 months, this tech has been used to gather evidence of wildlife crime.


The Black Shark has been filming underwater, along the leader nets and looking inside the bag nets to record what other poor creatures have been caught and drowned in the coastal salmon fishing nets of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company aka Usan Salmon Fisheries.

The White Dove has been deployed to gather footage from above, out at sea. All evidence has been sent to the many relevant organisations and official bodies. 












The central committee of the HSA responsible for campaigns, and the Hare Preservation Trust are pleased to announce a joint venture to oppose the Alston Hare Hunting Festival 2015.


In 2014 the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) launched a campaign against the Alston Hare Festival, which takes place in and around Alston, Cumbria.


This event normally lasts a week and in 2013, resulted in the death of many hares, even though the practice is illegal under the Hunting Act.  Hare hunts from all over the UK attend and it is viewed as one of the major hare hunting festivals.  Due to the attention of Hunt Saboteurs in 2014, the event had for all purposes ended by the Wednesday and many hares were saved.

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The HSA has made it very clear from the start of the year, that they intend returning to Alston in 2015, and they are very pleased to announce that they will be doing so with the financial support of the Hare Preservation Trust (HPT).  A substantial donation from the HPT has been provided to cover accommodation and transport costs for the large numbers of Hunt Saboteurs who will be required to ensure that the Alston festival, once again, fails to hunt and kill hares (an endangered species) for no other reason than the pleasure hunters get from the activity.


For further information on the 2014 campaign see the following links:


Hunters Flee As Alston Hare Week Abandoned

Saboteurs take to skies to stop Hare Hunting Festival

Two West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs (WMHS) have been informed that Leicestershire police are trying to issue them with a Police Information
Notice(PIN) following allegations made by the Atherstone hunt.


Over the last season, the two sabs in question attended the Atherstone Hunt on a regular basis, where they gained footage of illegal hunting, assaults, racist behaviour and blocked badger setts. Currently one of the sabs is a witness in a court case concerning the illegal blocking of badger setts. The prospective witness also believes followers of the hunt have been to her home address and committed criminal damage to two vehicles, which the hunt have openly boasted about.

 AtherstonHuntSupportersLetterToPolice.July2015Atherston Hunt Supporters Letter To Police

The police are accusing the sabs of goading and harassing a member of the hunt. When asked by the sab's solicitor if they will be serving the hunt with any PINs in response to their law breaking the police replied that they will merely be speaking to the hunt regarding their behaviour.


All of the allegations made by the hunt against WMHS this season have been proven to be false. So the police are now helping the hunt by grossly
misusing a Police Information Notice, which they don't need any evidence to issue. They can base it on any allegations made to them, no matter if
they are unsubstantiated. West Mids sabs have video evidence of this particular hunt member assaulting and harassing sabs but the police would
rather act on unsubstantiated allegations by the hunt.


Recently WMHS received a copy of a letter from the Atherstone Hunt Masters to it's supporters regarding the 2014/2015 hunting season. The letter shows that the police were advising the hunt during this season and had even been out undercover with them. The police had been advising the hunt on it's behaviour and had also given advice regarding video footage that the sab group posted online. The letter states "To continue having good sport, we all have to do our bit to discourage the saboteurs/monitors by following the advice of the police".


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “In our opinion this is a gross misuse of PINs. By issuing them Leicestershire
police are trying to suppress the right to protest and this must be contested so this does not become a common tactic used against hunt saboteurs and other protest groups.


The Hunt letter also proves that the police are once again taking the side of hunts and are turning a blind eye to repeated criminal behaviour on
their part.  They are further misusing powers to aid illegal hunting.  We would like to hear how Leicestershire police can justify their behaviour and we hope they start allocating greater resources to illegal hunting rather than persecuting innocent protestors ”


Note to editors:

Atherstone Hunt Supporters letter attached