On Saturday the 21st February the York and Ainsty South Foxhunt met at Sutton Hall, North Yorkshire, home of Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, David Cameron's father in law.

Fox Killed By York And Ainsty

Hunt saboteurs were present to monitor the hunt and were horrified when, in the middle of the afternoon, eight of the hunts hounds chased and killed a fox.  The hunts whipper in tried to take the body away but upon the arrival of saboteurs fled the scene and the sabs were able to retrieve the dead fox.


It is now being autopsied and the incident has been reported to North Yorkshire police.  Officers from North Yorkshire were present on the day but showed little interest in the incident, preferring to spend their time fraternising with the hunt.


It is believed Robert Sheffield, David Cameron's brother in Law, may have attended the hunt yesterday.

Hunt Sab holding fox killed by York and Ainsty Hunt

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Horrific incidents such as this show not only that illegal hunting is still rife but also that David Cameron and the Conservative party are inextricably linked with the hunting community. It is interesting to note that North Yorkshire Police haven't attended any hunt meets so far this season when hunt saboteurs are present.  It seems an unlikely coincidence that they suddenly choose to attend and fraternise with the hunt on the day they meet at the home of an influential local landowner and David Cameron's father in law.”


8th February 2015
Stinger device used by hunt thugsOn Saturday the 7th February Dorset Hunt saboteurs attended a meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt who met at Sherborne Castle, home of Lord Digby.
From the start of the day the saboteurs were harassed by a large group of masked up hunt supporters who stole a hunting horn, broke their equipment and pushed and shoved them as well as threatening further violence. As the day wore on the size of the group of thugs increased to approx 30-40 and their behaviour deteriorated.
At around 3pm they used their quad bikes to block in the sab landrover before launching an unprovoked attack. They smashed the front, rear and drivers side windows, throttled the driver and smashed up equipment in the vehicle and placed a home made 'stinger' type device under the vehicles tyres in order to puncture them. The police were called and due to the severity of the attack they sent up a helicopter to try and track the culprits.
Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association stated: “Earlier this week Mark Doggrell, huntsman for the Blackmore, had a case against him dropped for riding down and seriously injuring a saboteur in August last year. This hunt now believe they are totally above the law and can assault and steal from saboteurs with impunity. Dorset police need to prove that they are impartially upholding the law and bring charges against these masked up thugs. The Countryside Alliance are currently obsessed with saboteurs wearing masks, which we have always done and will continue to do so due to the very real threat of violent reprisals by hunt support. We would ask the Alliance to explain why so many of their supporters are regularly masking up and committing violent unlawful acts in the countryside?”
Video of Mark Doggrell riding down a saboteur can be seen here
08.02.2015.LandySmashedWindow  08.02.2015.MaskedUpSupporter  08.02.2015.LandyRearWindow

thumb Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 21.32.07.resizedNo charges have been brought against huntsman Mark Doggrell for riding down and seriously injuring a hunt saboteur in August last year. The attack happened during an evening cubbing meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. This was also a pony club meet, where the hunt take out youngsters aged from 7 to 14.


Dorset sabs were keen to intervene on this particular meet to prevent children from witnessing some of the most disturbing scenes when young hounds can be seen tearing fox cubs to pieces as they are trained and selected (the young hounds who show no interest in killing are disposed of). It's believed by many people that this bloody indoctrination is something the hunts are very keen on, to keep hunting going for generations to come.
Air Ambulance on the scene to airlift sab to hospital
Two members of Dorset hunt saboteurs were watching the hunt when Doggrell rode at them from behind, throwing the female saboteur up in the air with the force of the blow.  An ambulance was immediately called but was delayed from reaching the casualty by the hunt blocking the road. An air ambulance also attended the scene. The injured saboteur was taken to hospital suffering from seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung and trauma to her shoulder. She remained in hospital for two weeks. The hunt then callously carried on hunting before returning to their kennels for a BBQ.
Mark Doggrell was arrested and investigated for causing grevious bodily harm but now, 5 months later, the CPS have decided not to bring any charges, citing insufficient evidence. Whilst on bail for this attack he was also charged with assault for breaking a fellow hunters nose at their hunt ball.
 X-Ray of Saboteur's injuries
Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association, stated: "We are disappointed, but not surprised, that no charges have been brought against Mark Doggrell. Historically the police and criminal justice system have allowed acts of violence on hunt saboteurs to go unpunished whilst the saboteurs themselves are prosecuted seemingly at the whim of the hunts.
Two hunt saboteurs, Mike Hill and Tom Worby, have been killed by hunts and another, Steve Christmas, was seriously injured and spent months in hospital. None of these cases ever came to trial. Hunt saboteurs are routinely arrested and charged with a variety of offenses where no evidence is available other than the word of pro-hunters.
 We would like to know why this hunt specifically, and the hunting fraternity as a whole, don't speak out against such acts of violence and we'd also like to know why hasn't Mark Doggrell been sacked? Please contact the CPS and ask them to justify their decision so that we can finally see a measure of justice being dished out to the violent hunters."
Please contact the CPS and the Attorney General as a matter of urgency and tell them you think the decision not to press charges needs to be reviewed.

CPS; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Attorney General; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Attorney General can also be reached via twitter @AGO_UK


On Tuesday 27th of January the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt illegally killed a fox.  The incident was caught on film by Dorset Hunt saboteurs. Sabs briefly heard the hounds in cry before seeing them ripping a fox apart at Densham Farm, Bishops Down near Sherborne, Dorset.  The dead fox is then taken away by a masked hunt supporter, believed to be Ben Doggrell, the huntsman's son.  He was filmed covered in blood and later changed his jacket and replaced the mask he was wearing with a flat cap, but didn't change his trousers.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Because the Countryside Alliance and the pro-hunt community know they will never win the moral argument over hunting they are constantly trying to confuse the issue.  We will not engage in their game or comment on their dubious videos and spurious accusations but instead ask the public to focus on the violence perpetrated against British wildlife by illegal hunts.  This carnage takes place daily the length of the country and is largely ignored by the police and the media.  It is only hunt saboteurs who bravely place themselves between the hunts and their quarry, often facing violence from the notoriously violent hunting community and persecution from biased police forces.”

Note to editors:

Video of the incident can be viewed here:



Pushing landy
On Saturday the 10th January hunt saboteurs attended a meet of the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) Beagles who were meeting at the Holford Arms, Knockdown, Gloucestershire. From previous visits the hunt saboteurs know that the RAC hunt hares which was made illegal by the 2004 Hunting Act.
Upon sabs arrival they discovered the hunt chasing a hare in the fields behind the meet. They quickly stopped and headed back to their meet. The sabs then returned to their vehicles ready to depart.
As they approached their vehicles they were confronted by a large group of supporters, presumably from the University, some of whom were obviously very intoxicated. In a clear attempt at provocation one of the young men pulled a foxes brush and a dead rabbit out of his pick-up, thrusting it at sabs. Others were pushing and shoving people around, trying to separate and single out sabs from the rest of the group.
Dead rabbit
Refusing to rise to this, sabs got in their vehicles in an attempt to leave. Four vehicles driven by hunt supporters then blocked the small lane preventing them from leaving. One of the sab land rovers had it's windscreen smashed and the large group of hunt supporters then started to rock the land rover from side to side, chanting 'We are the boys of the RAC' as they did so, with the occupants still inside and fearing for their safety. The dead rabbit was then thrown on the bonnet of a land rover and mud was smeared over the drivers side of the wind screen and side window to obscure their vision. Several attempts were made by these thugs to enter the vehicles, as threats of violence were dished out. Whilst this was happening two whippers-in of the hunt, including Tom Ind, were present in full hunting attire, laughing at the behaviour of their peers and egging them on.
Smashed Windscreen
The saboteurs eventually managed to escape but were followed for a considerable distance by 5 vehicles full of intoxicated hunt supporters.
Lee Moon. Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “We have to ask the Royal Agricultural University if they think this violent and unlawful behaviour, as well as clear flouting of the Hunting Act by its students and staff, is acceptable? The RAC are supposed to be a respectable institution yet their students are acting more like a bunch of football hooligans, drink driving and causing criminal damage. We would like to hear the RAC officially distance themselves from illegal hunting and this loutish behaviour and take disciplinary action against those involved.”


Hunt supporter sharing alcohol with vehicle driverHunt supporter sharing alcohol with vehicle driver

Dead rabbit dumped on sab landrover

Dead rabbit dumped on sab landrover

Note to editors:
  • The video of the incident can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hl43PNUqAE
  • The RAC beagles are the official hunt of the Royal Agricultural College. They are kenneled at the college and hunted by RAC students.
  • Libby Gilbert, former master-huntsman of RAC Beagles had charges of illegal hunting against her dropped in 2013 after she failed to show up in court. She had returned to her home country (USA)
  • Prince Charles isPresident of the Royal Agricultural University.
  • Tory MP for Newbury, Richard Benyon, went there, as did UKIP MEP, Stuart Agnew