HSA news release July 22nd 2004

Hunt saboteur awarded damages for assault by police

A hunt saboteur was awarded damages totalling £1450 in Oxford County Court on Monday 19th July 2004 after a jury found in favour of her claim against Thames Valley Police for assault.

The case arose from the 9th December 2000, when she was punched whilst being arrested on suspicion of having committed Aggravated Trespass at the Garth and South Berks Hunt.

The 6 day hearing was told how the incident occurred towards the end of the day at Benyon's Enclosure, Mortimer near Reading and the saboteur received a punch on the head that left a 4 cm long bruise and swelling. She was awarded aggravated damages.

HSA news release 31st October 2004

Hunt saboteur knocked unconscious with iron bar as hunt season starts

Yesterday (30 October) a group of hunt saboteurs were attacked by a gang of hunt supporters at the opening meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt and one was KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS WITH AN IRON BAR and ridden over by a huntsman. 6 received cuts to their eyes, lips and heads and others received bruising. An ambulance was called for the saboteur, who was unconscious for several minutes. He was checked over but did not want to attend hospital.

The incident occurred as the hunt appeared to be packing up at 3.15 p.m. following the meet at Lock Skinners Farm, Penshurst, Kent.

News update 7 November 2009

After last Saturdays unprovoked attack on two Hunt Saboteurs by followers of the Southdown and Eridge, Fox Hunt saboteurs from the South East returned to show they will not be intimidated by threats and acts of violence in our efforts to protect the hunted wildlife of this country.

Around thirty Hunt Saboteurs, including the two who were so viciously attacked last week, were present.  The Hunt Saboteurs attended the meet at Golden Cross Equestrian centre and although attempts had been made to avoid any presence of the ‘antis’ by leaving the hunt kennels four hours earlier then normal and holding the days hunting from 8 am. Hunt saboteurs had anticipated such events and were on duty from 6am.

HSA News Release 31st October 2009


Injured Sab after attack at Southdown & Eridge huntInjured Sab after attack at Southdown & Eridge huntOn Saturday 31st October, two Hunt saboteurs were the victim of a premeditated and unprovoked attack resulting in one needing hospital treatment for severe facial cuts and bruising and a suspected broken nose, during the attack the saboteurs were also threatened with a clasp knife.

The attack took place at a public car park on the South Downs Way slightly south of Firle, East Sussex, the car park is usually the haunt of members of the public using the footpaths to enjoy the countryside or for hang gliding off the step hillside.

HSA News Release 30th October 2009

They're still hunting..that's why we're still sabbing

Over 40,000 hunters pledged to break the ban on hunting.  Almost 5 years after the ban it’s no surprise that hunts continue to openly flout the law of the land.

On November the 1st 2003 over 40,000 pro hunters arrogantly signed the Hunting Declaration, vowing to break any law passed to ban hunting.  6 years later as the official hunting season begins again, it is no surprise to see the law being openly flouted by hunts the length of the country, and the police continuing to refuse to properly enforce the ban.

1st November is traditionally the start of the hunting season proper, although hunts have been out terrorising foxes, hare and deer for several months now, engaging in “cubbing” – or “autumn hunting” as the hunts like to refer to the early morning or late afternoon hunting used to train new hounds.

Hunt saboteurs and monitors on the ground continue to see hunts openly breaking the law and reacting violently towards those who try and gather evidence against them. The Police and criminal justice bodies should be ensuring that those breaking the law are being brought to book, but do not appear to be interested. 

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:  “Hunters promised they were going to break the hunting ban so it should come as no surprise to the police and politicians that it is being so openly ignored.
It’s business as usual in the countryside.  The hunts continue to illegally pursue and kill wildlife and act violently toward those who try and stop them.  In election year, with the Tories promising to repeal the Hunting act, we feel it is important for the British public to know what type of people these are - willing to illegally harm wildlife and people in pursuit of their own pleasure.  Rather than repealing the hunting act, politicians should be listening to the majority of the electorate, tightening up the loopholes in the law and compelling the police to enforce the act.”

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