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Yesterday’s men: Mark Hankinson, Tim Bonner and friends know the game is up.

Tim’s Memory Clouded By Smokescreens?

Here at HSA Towers, we are used to hearing hunters come up with delusional theories, far fetched stories and generally bonkers alternative realities. However, last week their fantasist-in-chief the factually challenged Mr Tim Bonner, came out with an impressive pack of fibs on his personal venting platform, the Countryside Alliance blog.

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defence animal training regiment

Army Hosting Criminal Quorn Hunt

On Saturday the 17th February, almost exactly 19 years after fox hunting was made illegal, the army will host a meet of the notorious Quorn Hunt at the Defence Animal Training Regiment Headquarters at Remount Barracks, Melton Mowbray. Soldiers will be on duty to facilitate the meet and the entire event will be funded by taxpayers money.

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‘The Kent Hounds’- it fits conveniently on a banner. © West Kent Hunt Sabs

What’s In A Name?

A couple of weeks ago, the HSA reported on the merger of two of the south east’s last remaining fox hunts. The new outfit will be known as the ‘Southdown & Eridge with East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt.’ Not exactly catchy, is it?

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A tip off from a (1/9)

Today we headed to a very wet Worcestershire for the inaugural sab visit of the newly ‘amalgamated’ Woolaston & Leadon Vale Bassets who were hunting on Madresfield Park.

Today we have stopped the Thurlow Hunt from hunting foxes in Suffolk, in appalling weather.

Full report to follow.

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