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harry mayo guilty of abh

Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt Member Guilty of ABH

Last week, sabs from North Dorset spent three consecutive days in Bournemouth Crown Court giving evidence and victim statements. On Thursday 4th April, a jury unanimously found Charlie Mayo, a member of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt (BSV), guilty of Actual Bodily Harm.

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Artificial Earths: A Year Round Deception

The use of artificial earths by hunts has been well documented by the Hunt Saboteurs Association. This is the practice of building underground chambers for foxes and in particular fox cubs, so that the hunt can keep a regular supply of quarry to hunt. Like so many other hunting traditions, this did not stop when hunting with hounds was banned in 2005.

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Sheffield Hunt Sabs on the Northern Counties Mink Hounds

Hunters Take To The Water

With the fox and hare hunting now ending for the season, a hardcore of bloodsports enthusiasts are about to take to watercourses to follow their summer hunts, and hunt sabs are poised to stop them!

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Tom Ledbury (far right) supervises a dig out of a fox to be thrown to hounds as a young child looks on.

Avon Vale Hunt – Keeping Magistrates Busy!

More drama this week as the Avon Vale implosion is still being dragged out before the courts. This time, it was the turn of Tom Ledbury, an Avon Vale Hunt terrierman, who was sentenced this week to a 12 month community order requiring him to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work, for his role in a video which surfaced last year following raids conducted by RSPCA and police officers around the country including hunt kennels and the homes of ‘terriermen’.  

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oakley hunt

Hunting Season 2023-24: A Brief Review

A piece like this can never do justice to the week-in, week-out efforts of sabs who venture out in all weathers to face down the hunters. We can’t cover, for example, the 58 hunt meets that Nottingham sabs have attended this season, nor the 55 times Salisbury Plain sabs went out to protect the wildlife of their beloved Plain. What we can do is focus on just a few highlights from the last full hunting season before a much-anticipated General Election.

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On yer bike - nobody believes trail hunting is real. ©West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs

Trail Hunting: It’s A Pack Of Lies

When the fox hunting old guard were scrambling to explain what they’d be doing after the Hunting Act came into force into 2005, they were keen to make sure everyone knew just how pointless “trail hunting” was, and how urgently they wanted to get back to the good old days of killing foxes legally.

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Quantock Staghounds - a bit rattled by our presence are we? Stopped your killing spree? This unstable individual carriers a shotgun on his horse. WARNING -

Much like the laws that made fox hunting illegal 20 years ago, the hunts in Scotland still go out to hunt and kill foxes illegally even under the new law.

This will be something to consider if similar laws are eventually passed in the rest of the UK.

We cover many hundreds of miles stopping wildlife killers in their tracks. If you want to support our work, you can for the price of a coffee. We really appreciate your support.

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