A Long Hot Summer For The Otter Hunters

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Hunt sabs across the country have been in action against the mink and otter hunters this weekend.

Dove Valley Mink Hounds in otter habitat

For the third Saturday in a row, the Dove Valley ‘Mink’ Hounds had their kennels blockaded by multiple sab groups. Specialist drone units were deployed to confirm that the hounds never left the kennels. Further west, other sab groups caught the Three Counties Mink Hounds hunting the Bow Brook in Worcestershire. On sighting sabs, the hunt packed up immediately and headed home in disarray.

Sab drone closes in on the Three Counties Mink Hounds

Sabs from numerous groups stopped the Borders Counties Mink Hounds from going out killing on Saturday. Both Borders Counties and Kent & Sussex Mink Hounds then learnt that sneaking out on Sundays offers no protection from hunt sabs. The Border Counties huntsman arrived at his remote kennels at 6:50AM yesterday, to find dedicated hunt sab units already in position! Elsewhere, the Kent & Sussex’s hound van was chased all over the county before returning to the kennels without the hounds getting near a river. Result!

Kent & Sussex Mink Hounds pack up on an earlier occasion

In recent years the HSA has received intelligence from multiple sources that mink hunters are increasingly targeting otters. Indeed, with otters now repopulating most river systems and displacing mink as they do so – it is inevitable that mink hunts will find and kill more otters.

Too late! Border Counties huntsman arrives early doors

A HSA spokesperson explained:

“Both mink and otter hunting are completely illegal, and we make no distinction in the cruelty inflicted by hunts on these river-dwelling animals. The claim to be hunting mink has always been a smokescreen for some of these packs. Others do hunt mink, but encounter otters in increasing numbers as their number have recovered. Regardless, otters give them a better chase and that’s all they’re really interested in. With four packs having seen sabs already, it promises to be a long hot summer for the mink and otter hunters.

If you have any information about mink or otter hunting, please call our confidential Tip-Off line on:

07443 148 426

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