Action against Seal Cull continues

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The joint operation between hunt saboteurs and Sea Shepherd against the seal cull in Scotland continues to save lives.
The Scottish Wild Salmon Company, which announced last week that it was going to stop shooting seals at Gardenstown due to pressure from sabs and SSUK, has now removed all its nets from the area and seems to have closed down its operation there.
SWSC are thought to have killed up to 70 seals in this area last year. Since sabs arrived this year they have killed none. Around 150 seals are now using a haul out close to Gardenstown, safe from SWSC’s killers. The wild salmon heading to spawn in the rivers on this stretch of coast are also safe for now.
Sabs and Sea Shepherd will continue to defend seals and salmon in Gardenstown and the next stage of the operation is being planned.
Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, Stated: “Traditionally the summer was a quieter time of year for hunt saboteurs but the desire of the blood thirsty minority to slaughter anything that affects their profits means we are busy all year round. Hunt saboteurs will continue to disrupt the seal and badger culls and many groups are also planning to find the time to target the illegal mink hunts”
Orphaned Baby Seal
Note to editors: The accompanying photo is a baby seal cub that was rescued from the beach at Gardenstown earlier in the year. It’s mother had been shot by the Scottish Wild Salmon Company according to the locals who rescued it. Unable to fend for itself, the cub would have starved to death without the intervention of the good people of Gardenstown. 

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