Alston Hare Hunting Festival 2015

The central committee of the HSA responsible for campaigns, and the Hare Preservation Trust are pleased to announce a joint venture to oppose the Alston Hare Hunting Festival 2015. In 2014 the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) launched a campaign against the Alston Hare Festival, which takes place in and around Alston, Cumbria. This event normally lasts a week and in 2013, resulted in the death of many hares, even though the practice is illegal under the Hunting Act.  Hare hunts from all over the UK attend and it is viewed as one of the major hare hunting festivals.  Due to the attention of Hunt Saboteurs in 2014, the event had for all purposes ended by the Wednesday and many hares were saved. HPT logo The HSA has made it very clear from the start of the year, that they intend returning to Alston in 2015, and they are very pleased to announce that they will be doing so with the financial support of the Hare Preservation Trust (HPT).  A substantial donation from the HPT has been provided to cover accommodation and transport costs for the large numbers of Hunt Saboteurs who will be required to ensure that the Alston festival, once again, fails to hunt and kill hares (an endangered species) for no other reason than the pleasure hunters get from the activity. For further information on the 2014 campaign see the following links: Hunters Flee As Alston Hare Week Abandoned
Saboteurs take to skies to stop Hare Hunting Festival

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