On Tuesday 26th Jan West Midland Hunt Saboteurs again filmed the Atherstone hunt illegally chasing and killing a fox after meeting in Osbaston, Leicestershire.


Hunt sabs noticed a member of the hunt was off their horse near a hedge with the hounds near a stream. One of the hounds still had the recently killed fox in its mouth. The body was recovered by saboteurs and has been taken for an autopsy.


Immediately after the kill Huntsman Stuart Barton carried on hunting as if nothing had happened, even hunting the hounds on when they got on to the scent of another fox.


Video of the incident can be seen here:


Full footage has not yet been released as it has been presented to Leicestershire police.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:


“It is hard to believe there is a hunt more blatantly flouting the law than the Atherstone. Despite being consistently filmed chasing foxes by West Mids sabs they are able to get away with it due to a lack of action by Leicestershire police. Tax payers from Leicestershire must feel slightly perturbed that in times of austerity their money is being used to fund private security for this bunch of law breakers.


We ask Simon Cole, Chief Constable for Leicestershire police, for an enquiry into the policing of the Atherstone hunt and why they aren’t being prosecuted for their law breaking. If it isn’t institutional bias on the part of Leicestershire police then it is particular officers who need disciplining.”


On Saturday the Atherstone Hunt spent all day chasing numerous foxes including through peoples back gardens whilst assaulting two of the people trying to save them:

Last month they were filmed chasing and killing a fox near Grendon Fields Farm, Grendon which the police are currently investigating

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