Another one Bites the Dust!

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Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 22nd October 2019


We’re delighted to hear that the Tredegar Farmers Fox Hunt in South Wales have disbanded.  They were sabbed on several occasions last season by South Wales Hunt Saboteurs who reported a spectacular lack of support for the hunt, on one occasion only having three riders out. 


Their closure follows close on the heels of the Atherstone who were destroyed by West Midlands Hunt Sabs, and the Woodland Pytchley who were forced into an acrimonious merger with their neighbours at the Pytchley over the summer.  Even the Quorn Hunt, one of the most famous in the hunting world have gone begging cap in hand to their neighbours at the Cottesmore to ask for a merger.  This has so far not gone ahead but the writing’s on the wall for the Quorn unless they find a solution soon.


Three beagle packs – The Vectis, The Claro and the North Warwickshire have also disbanded due to lack of support.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated: “The season hasn’t even officially started yet and already three hunts have folded.


The Countryside Alliance will come out with their usual spiel of increased urbanisation and new railways (that haven’t been built for years!) but the reality is that hunting is a dying sport, abhorred by the majority.  The Countryside Alliance and the Masters of Foxhounds Association will have done everything in their power to prop up these ailing packs but the forces arrayed against them are just too powerful and inevitably more hunts will fold due to pressure from sabs and lack of support.

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