Another Year, Another AGM

On the 20th August Hunt Saboteurs from around the country gathered  in London for our Annual General Meeting. This is of course a legal requirement for the organisation, where the usual business of presenting accounts, committee reports and the stand down and re-election of committee positions takes place. It was also the time to discuss the coming seasons activities, tactics being used, pass on news and to watch some videos of past seasons activities. The organisation is going from strength to strength as proven by an over view of our accounts and assets. In just four years we have doubled our assets and quadrupled the money given out as grants to groups.

The day was, as always, a time to meet old friends from years back and to make new ones and was followed by a well attended benefit gig. Although the head-line act of Conflict had dropped out a week before the other bands Liberty, Disrupters, Virus, The Sporadics all played. Conflict had supplied a large amount of merchandise free to the HSA so all profits went to the organisation. the purpose of the benefit is to cover all costs of the AGM thereby stopping it being a drain on our resources and, thanks to the thirsty gig-goers, we not only achieved that goal but made a healthy profit. All those running the event and the bands themselves received no payment for the day; so a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the whole day a success.

The HSA was started in 1963 and so is coming up to it’s fiftieth birthday. We know of no other non-violent direct action organisation which has such longevity and consistency, a testament to all those over the years who have worked to keep the organisation going and hunt sabs in the field saving lives. We would of course love to disband once hunting is truly dead and gone, but that is the hands of the politicians. They need to follow the will of the vast majority of the population and strengthen the Hunting Act, to an extent where just riding out with thirty odd dogs is illegal. Until the day that our wildlife is safe from the countryside vandals this organisation will continue to put sabs in the field and saves lives.

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