Are these the Last Convictions under the Hunting Act?


All of the details of this case are still not known, but as soon as we find out more next week we will provide an update. We have received a tip off from an anonymous source that on Friday three terrier men; Dylan Hill, James Smith and Jack Hudd from the Ross Harriers Hunt were all found guilty, at Hereford magistrates Court, of breaching the hunting act. We have been additionally informed that Dylan Hill was found in possession of a bagged fox.


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The guilty men acted as terrier men for the hunt. Their role was to dig out foxes that had gone to ground after having cornered the terrified animal with terriers. This is one of the most barbaric parts of hunting and is normally kept away from the public eye. It causes horrific injuries and suffering to both the terriers and foxes. Once dug out the fox is either killed, released in front of the hounds to be hunted again or bagged to be hunted at a later date. The Ross Harriers hunt both hares and foxes and although like all the hunts will deny any illegal activity, these charges certainly raise some serious questions?


How long have these three men been doing terrier work for the hunt?

How frequently does the hunt use bagged foxes when out “trail hunting”?

Will the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles now commit to a full inquiry into the Ross Harriers?


Since 2005 hunts across the UK have routinely flouted the law. These convictions highlight one of the main problem with the hunting act. Even when it’s enforced individuals get convicted but the hunts typically distance themselves from the individuals and and continue without repercussions. This will continue regardless of the result of next weeks vote.


Rather than relaxing the law MP’s should be tightening loop holes in the current legislation including abolishing terrier work. The current “code of practice” for terrier work is being widely ignored and it urgently needs reviewing.


Please contact your MP, tell them how unhappy you are with the planned amendment and that you wish to see the hunting act strengthened.


Until we see that strengthening of the act and more stringent enforcement we, the Hunt Saboteurs, will be going out across the country using non-violent direct action to protect wildlife from those that would kill animals for their own sick entertainment.


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