And So It Begins…

Just when you thought you could enjoy the summer….

Cubhunting has started in the West County – here’s some from Dorset from the 10th August 2010.

It is illegal and shouldn’t be happening, but fox cubs born in March  this year (2010 – 5 years after ‘the ban’) will be hunted and torn apart  in secluded woods and maize fields at dawn and dusk while police,  politicians and media look the other way.

If hunts are unable to train their hounds to kill and respond  effectively during cubhunting, it has a massive effect on their ability  to kill during the rest of the season (the bit from November to March  that the media do publicise).

On a positive note, you can help stop them killing wildlife, but  you’ve got to get out and about to do it. Don’t rely on someone else to  be getting up and out at 4am – join your local group by mailing the Contact Officer and get  active.

A big thank you to Lush and all those individuals who have joined as  members over the summer or donated money – it won’t be wasted on  administration – it will be spent on vehicles and supporting local  groups to stop the killing.

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