Axa Insuring Hunts

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As revealed by Hunting Leaks, AXA provide insurance for every hunts legal fees. This policy covers Hunting Act offences and violence towards sabs. The first year of cover actually saw them lose money due to the high number of Hunting Act cases and arrests for assaults and Public Order offences.

Without legal insurance all legal costs for every Hunting Act arrest, court case or conviction or any act of violence or public (dis)order will have to come either direct from the hunt’s own funds or from a central pot that all hunts contribute towards. If it comes from a central pot then hunts who face less legal action may well wonder why they are paying out for others.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:

“Hunts across the country commit Hunting Act offences as well as acts of violence against sabs. Every time one of their members is arrested, interviewed by the police or taken to court then their hunt will claim on the AXA policy to avoid enormous costs.

When AXA do the right thing and stop propping up the illegal hunting community then hunts will have to pay their legal fees themselves, forcing many into an impossible financial position and making those who aren’t getting into legal difficulties question why they are having to support the hunts who are draining the central pot. Many AXA customers will be horrified when they discover what their insurance company is involved in and it’s an easy decision, both financially and morally, for the company to withdraw their support for hunting.”

Take Action

Please copy and paste these email addresses into a single email and politely ask AXA to stop insuring hunt violence. It makes no difference if it’s a fox being killed, a sab being beaten or a cat being killed, none of it should be happening and the hunts certainly shouldn’t be able to get insurance to cover these deliberate attacks.,,,,


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