HSA news release 4th June 2010

Stop the killing, ban all guns.


Yet another shooting spree claims the lives of twelve people and injures twice as many. All the countryside alliance can say is ‘The UK’s firearms licensing system is one of the strictest in the world and as the police investigation continues it will be important to understand why the system failed in this case.’

The system didn’t fail as both the guns in this case were legally owned. No matter how strict any licensing laws are guns will still end up in the hands of people willing to use them, be this on animals or other people. The only solution is to ban all guns as the risk of having them in peoples possession is too high. How many more massacres of people will we have to witness until the government acts, how high a price does society have to bare.

As Hunt Saboteurs we are of course not without ulterior motives in calling for a ban on guns. If as you read this you do not think the shooting of animals should not be banned, do you still think the risk of yet another killing spree of this magnitude should be allowed, just so a small minority can posses such lethal devices for their blood sport past time.

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