terrier goes in sett entrance

We have received footage of terrier men Peter Wardley and Christopher Godber from the infamous Barlow hunt blocking an active badger sett during a cubbing meet at Butts Quarry in Ashover on the 27th October 2020.

Interfering with an active badger sett is illegal and certainly has no place in a supposed ‘trail hunt’. Sett holes are blocked and a terrier is entered in an attempt to force a fox above ground to be chased. As the terrier is removed, Godber checks their face for injuries; showing he is aware a badger may be home. When no fox appears, spades are used to block the sett entrances to stop other foxes taking refuge. The ‘soft underbelly’ of the hunting world is on show yet again.

The Barlow featured in a recent Hunting Leaks release, mentioning that this was a particularly bad meet for them as they had to abandon hunting due to sab presence. With the hunt apparently struggling to exist in their law breaking form, hopefully this footage is one more nail in the coffin for them.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:

“We’re delighted that more and more people are using covert filming to expose the activities of hunts. Hunts must now take it as read that as well as they overt threat they face from sabs they must also assume that unseen eyes are always watching them.

The intention of the two men is clear to see in this footage. They wanted to force a fox out of this active badger sett to be chased, and likely killed, by the Barlow Hounds. It’s hard to keep track of just how many laws they were intending to break and it’s fortunate the presence of sabs stopped the hunt returning to this sett later in the day.

The documents shared by Hunting Leaks again show how damaging the presence of sabs are at a hunt, forcing the Barlow to curtail their illegal activities at this particular meet.”

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