Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Huntsman Deliberately Rides Over Saboteur With His Horse

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No charges have been brought against huntsman Mark Doggrell for riding down and seriously injuring a hunt saboteur in August last year. The attack happened during an evening cubbing meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. This was also a pony club meet, where the hunt take out youngsters aged from 7 to 14.


Dorset sabs were keen to intervene on this particular meet to prevent children from witnessing some of the most disturbing scenes when young hounds can be seen tearing fox cubs to pieces as they are trained and selected (the young hounds who show no interest in killing are disposed of). It’s believed by many people that this bloody indoctrination is something the hunts are very keen on, to keep hunting going for generations to come.
Air Ambulance on the scene to airlift sab to hospital
Two members of Dorset hunt saboteurs were watching the hunt when Doggrell rode at them from behind, throwing the female saboteur up in the air with the force of the blow.  An ambulance was immediately called but was delayed from reaching the casualty by the hunt blocking the road. An air ambulance also attended the scene. The injured saboteur was taken to hospital suffering from seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung and trauma to her shoulder. She remained in hospital for two weeks. The hunt then callously carried on hunting before returning to their kennels for a BBQ.
Mark Doggrell was arrested and investigated for causing grevious bodily harm but now, 5 months later, the CPS have decided not to bring any charges, citing insufficient evidence. Whilst on bail for this attack he was also charged with assault for breaking a fellow hunters nose at their hunt ball.
 X-Ray of Saboteur's injuries
Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association, stated: “We are disappointed, but not surprised, that no charges have been brought against Mark Doggrell. Historically the police and criminal justice system have allowed acts of violence on hunt saboteurs to go unpunished whilst the saboteurs themselves are prosecuted seemingly at the whim of the hunts.
Two hunt saboteurs, Mike Hill and Tom Worby, have been killed by hunts and another, Steve Christmas, was seriously injured and spent months in hospital. None of these cases ever came to trial. Hunt saboteurs are routinely arrested and charged with a variety of offenses where no evidence is available other than the word of pro-hunters.
 We would like to know why this hunt specifically, and the hunting fraternity as a whole, don’t speak out against such acts of violence and we’d also like to know why hasn’t Mark Doggrell been sacked? Please contact the CPS and ask them to justify their decision so that we can finally see a measure of justice being dished out to the violent hunters.”
Please contact the CPS and the Attorney General as a matter of urgency and tell them you think the decision not to press charges needs to be reviewed.

Attorney General;
The Attorney General can also be reached via twitter @AGO_UK


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