Boot on the other foot – Hunt Saboteurs to pursue Scottish huntsmen?

HSA news release 1st August 2002

Boot on the other foot – Hunt Saboteurs to pursue Scottish huntsmen?

Hunt Saboteurs in Scotland today prepared themselves for a new role as the Scottish Law to Ban Hunting came into force. They previously had to run the gauntlet of the police – and irate hunt supporters – who would pursue them for the heinous crime of blowing a hunting horn to disrupt a hunt and stop them killing wildlife. Now the boot is on the other foot. The huntsmen will have to avoid the police – and eager hunt saboteurs – to keep out of jail.

Despite a laughable attempt by the Countryside Alliance to overturn the law on the grounds that they think chasing a terrified animal is a human right, fox hunters in Scotland will have to cease their activities to stay within the law.

But hunt saboteurs have revealed their concern that the hunters will openly break the law. Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson Nathan Brown explained, “Hunters have been breaking the law for years. They have trampled over people’s land, scared livestock and attacked those who protest against them or speak out against them. 2 hunt saboteurs have been killed whilst saving animals lives and countless others have been seriously injured. The recent activities of the Real Countryside Alliance show that these people have no respect for life or the law. Our job is far from done.”

Anti bloodsports protestors are aware that hunts active close to the Border may stray into Scotland. In other areas they are expected to hunt where they feel can get away with it. Hunt saboteurs in Scotland will be maintaining a watch over their local hunts to ensure that the law is not broken. The spokesperson elaborated further “If the hunts go out, we will gather evidence and sabs are chomping at the bit to make citizens arrests!.

“We will also use our traditional non-violent tactics of blowing horns and spraying false scents to make sure that they do not catch any foxes whilst we await the arrival of the police. Somebody has to keep an eye on them. We will be there for the wildlife!”

With 7 out of 10 Scots opposed to hunting, hunt saboteurs hope they will receive plenty of offers of help.

Notes to Editors:-

A recent pro-hunt attack on a Labour MPs offices in North Yorkshire carried out by a balaclava clad gang resulted in no further action against the perpetrators when one of their number was arrested – despite the fact that they also damaged property belonging to the charities Age Concern and MIND.

Clydeside Hunt Saboteurs Association are available for comment – Del 0845 4585966

Cubhunting is already underway in parts of England, but as usual, pro- hunting groups are keen to keep it out of the media until the start of the main season. Hunt Saboteurs will be up at 3 or 4am to stop hunts if they can find them.

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