Bye Wye – Hare Hunting Beagle Pack Disbands

On Saturday 22nd March the Wye Beagles, in Kent, held their last ever meet, bringing to an end 67 years of hare hunting.

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Officer Lee Moon commented “The demise of the Wye Beagles comes as no surprise to hunt sabs. Since we started targeting the hare hunts three years ago we’ve noticed a significant drop in the number of their supporters. They have gone virtually underground to try and avoid us and this means they cannot recruit new members. With the HSA stepping up its anti-beagling campaign, it is only a matter of time before other beagle packs fold.” 


The Wye famously had their entire pack liberated by the Animal Liberation Front in 2001. Only one beagle, Sexton, was ever found and returned to the hunt. The rest were happily retired to loving homes, safe from the cruel fate that usually awaits hounds too old to hunt.

On the day of the Wye’s final meet, hunt saboteurs were in action against both the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles and the Palmer Marlborough Beagles. Both packs had the same pitifully small ‘field’ of supporters that have led to the end of the Wye Beagles. 


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