Two Decades of Hunt Violence

1979 – 1999: TWO DECADES OF HUNT VIOLENCE “Tolerance, understanding and dialogue are what we all seek. Indeed, confrontation is not the country way.” Countryside Alliance, January 1999 When we started collating the research for this article, our intention was to make it slightly light-hearted, and treat the subject with a degree of humour. However, […]

Why we are here


From the inquisitive face of a young foxcub in Chiddingfold country, who trotted up to the Reading group and made friends, to the lifeless  mask of another, butchered by the Cheshire Forest Foxhunt. These pictures were taken within a week of one another during one September’s cubhunting, at opposite ends of the country. Foxhunting is […]

1963 – Protest to Resistance


With the amount of slack, blinkered and plainly ignorant journalism currently claiming to ‘report’ on the anti-hunting movement we are compelled to set the records straight. As with other information on this site, it is told from personal experience by people who were and in some cases still are at the sharp edge of the […]