Hound Fits during Illegal Deer Hunt

This video shows hounds from the Ross Harriers Hunt rioting through a private garden in Gloucestershire, illegally chasing a deer.   The disturbing footage shows one of the hounds fitting, presumably after being run to exhaustion by the hunt. The concerned land owner tried to take the distressed animal to the vets for urgent treatment […]

Cotswold Vale Hunt and the unborn Fox Cubs

The Cotswold Vale Fox Hunt killed a pregnant vixen on Tuesday 6th March this year. While the kill was not seen on film, monitors heard the fox scream and managed to make their way on to land afterwards in an attempt to find evidence of the kill. It all happened so fast that monitors believe […]

Foxhunting on Glastonbury’s Green Fields

Couple of clips of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale foxhunt on Michael Eavis’ land at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset from a couple of seasons ago. Doesn’t show them actually hunting (there aren’t many footpaths over his land to film from) but they did chase a fox over the main road outside the festival site causing […]

Seavington Hunt U-Turn

Seavington hunt – Pilsdon, Dorset. Huntsman about to lay pack onto a fox’s line but gets phone call warning him he’s being filmed and thinks better of it. This is 5 1/2 years after a ban on hunting with hounds..  

Cattistock Cubbing August 2010

Cattistock hunt cubhunting in Dorset 10th August 2010. 6am behind the kennels thinking they were away from prying eyes (& cameras). The gorse they drew was at Lankham Bottom nature reserve – a fox was put to ground and terriermen attempted to dig out. Later the hounds nearly caused chaos on the busy A37 Dorchester […]

Bagged Fox

8 1/2 minutes of horror to satisfy foxhunters’ bloodlust. Filmed in Ireland in 1986 by a friend of the hunt. A fox is put to ground, dug out, bagged in a sack and then thrown to the hounds alive. Hunts have always denied instances of ‘bagged foxes’, despite them being written about in less PR […]

Hare Hunting in Somerset 2009

Reported to the police on the day, supplied with video, they still can’t be arsed to do anything about hunting in Somerset. It took 9 weeks for them to just view the video! There is no Justice….Just Us! 

Sussex Beagles kill Hare, Cumbria 2009

Upper class twits from Sussex on a jolly to Cumbria. Beagles hunt a hare for 30 mins and then kill it as if there is no ban on hunting in place. A cameraman is heard on the phone reporting the hunt to Cumbria police. The huntsman blows for the kill, takes the trophies and poses […]

Hare Coursing

Greyhound 2000 bloodsport festival – harecoursing pre UK hunting ban. David Cameron likes this and thinks it should be made lawful once more.