The Hole Truth: The Scandal Of Artificial Earths

Fox cub held captive by the Pytchley Hunt.

As spring arrives and the foxhunting season comes to an end, we might hope for some reprieve for foxes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. The ‘off’ season is, in fact, one of the busiest times for the hunt as they prepare a new set of victims for the autumn. Fox hunting has never been about the […]

Sins Of The Sinnington Hunt

That's the trouble with the OSB. You just can't move for antis

The HSA would like to thank the Sinnington Hunt For their full and frank admission that they have been illegally hunting and for dropping the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent foxhounds so deeply in the mire. Yet again, Hunting Leaks have obtained documentary evidence to support what we have known all along: hunts are […]

CPS To Bring Charges Against Hunting Webinar Participants

We’re delighted to hear that the Crown Prosecution Service will be pursuing charges against Mark Hankinson, Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), who featured in the leaked Hunting Office webinars that the Hunt Saboteurs Association exposed in November last year. The webinars clearly show a concerted attempt to pervert the course of justice […]

Axa Insuring Hunts

As revealed by Hunting Leaks, AXA provide insurance for every hunts legal fees. This policy covers Hunting Act offences and violence towards sabs. The first year of cover actually saw them lose money due to the high number of Hunting Act cases and arrests for assaults and Public Order offences. Without legal insurance all legal […]

HSA Exclusive – Fox Hunters’ Own Footage Catches them Breaking Lockdown

quorn hunt illegally hunting during a pandemic

Videos and letters sent to the HSA show that on Thursday 18th March the Quorn Hunt travelled over 15 miles from their kennels to the home of Senior Joint Master Joss Hanbury at Burley on the Hill Leicestershire to celebrate his 70th birthday. Sources say that Joss used hounds formerly from the Atherstone hunt to […]

Mink Hunting: The Summer Bloodsport

As the days lengthen and Covid restrictions begin to lift, mink hunters are gearing up for a summer of cruelty on the riverbank. This post lifts the lid on this most secretive form of hunting. Origins in Otter Hunting Mink hunting has its roots in the old summer blood sport of otter hunting. This activity […]

Lamerton Huntsman Found ‘Not Guilty’ Of Illegal Hunting Despite Video Evidence

“Hunted wildlife continue to be let down by the police and the courts, even in the face of clear video evidence”, say anti-bloodsports campaigners following today’s ‘not guilty’ verdict against members of the Lamerton Hunt at Exeter Magistrates Court. The huntsman of the Lamerton Hunt, David Lewis, and his former whipper-in and now-huntsman of the […]

Thames Valley Police Do Another Favour For Their Pals At The Kimblewick

Thames Valley Police have said they’re not planning to take any action against the Kimblewick Hunt following the killing of a fox in December 2020. The CCTV footage shows the Kimblewick hounds chasing a fox through an industrial estate that they had no permission to be in, encouraged on by the huntsman Andrew Sallis. Filmed […]

Trails On Trial: Leading Huntsmen Up In Court

It’s just as well that Covid has stopped hunts going out because a lot of their staff had to appear in court this week. Yesterday, Mark Hankinson, Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, appeared via video link at Westminster magistrates court to answer a charge of giving advice on how to conceal illegal hunting. […]

Cat Killed By Cornish Fox Hunt

Last Saturday 6th March, hounds from the Western Hunt killed a pet cat on a housing estate in West Cornwall. A brave neighbour filmed a member of hunt staff picking up the dead cat, looking round to see if he was observed, then callously throwing the poor animal over a fence out of sight before […]