Hunting Office Rebrand? This Astor Be A Joke!

The great reformer, the 4th Viscount William Waldorf Astor III, in action. ©Oxford Hunt Sabs

The fall-out from the leaked Hunting Office webinars has claimed yet another victim – the Hunting Office itself. The totally discredited body is to be rebranded as the ‘British Hound Sports Association’ (BHSA) After 17 years of dishonesty and evasion, do they really think that removing the word ‘hunting’ from their title will convince people […]

Mink Hunts Routed North And South

Hunt saboteurs have been in action this weekend to stop mink and otter hunts at opposite ends of the country. The Northern Counties Hunt were rumbled near Selby, North Yorkshire, while the Courtenay Tracy Hounds were found in the depths of Somerset’s Chew Valley. Both packs headed home when confronted by large numbers of dedicated […]

Nine Foxhounds Shot Dead in Forty Minutes

huntsman shoots hounds dead

WARNING: Distressing footage showing foxhounds being shot Horrific and previously unseen footage reveals the true extent of the hound killings at the Carmarthenshire Hunt. Filmed as part of Ecotricity’s investigation into dead animals being used to create electricity, the footage once again proves that hounds are treated by hunts as no more than expendable tools. […]

Time To Rethink The Mink

Hunt sabs wade in to stop the mink hunters.

Most people celebrate our efforts to save mink and otters from the cruelty of illegal hunting. However, we occasionally receive ill-informed comments about how animal rights activists were responsible for introducing American mink to the UK. Last week – after four mink hunts were sabotaged in a single weekend – an unusually articulate hunter replied […]

A Long Hot Summer For The Otter Hunters

Hunt sabs across the country have been in action against the mink and otter hunters this weekend. For the third Saturday in a row, the Dove Valley ‘Mink’ Hounds had their kennels blockaded by multiple sab groups. Specialist drone units were deployed to confirm that the hounds never left the kennels. Further west, other sab […]

HSA Launches HOWL Magazine Archive

howl archive

This week the HSA launches an online archive of its magazine, HOWL. First published in 1973, HOWL has been in continuous production ever since, making it the longest-running – and best – animal rights magazine in the world. Over 120 issues have been painstakingly scanned and – in the case of fragile older editions – […]

Exposed: The Horror Of Stag Hunting

Hunters drag the dead stag to the quad bike.

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES AND DISTRESSING CONTENT North Dorset Hunt Sabs have been in action against the Quantocks Staghounds in Somerset this week. Despite their brave efforts, sabs were unable to save a young stag who was remorselessly hunted to exhaustion. As is standard practice in stag hunting, experienced hounds were used to separate the wretched […]

Pheasant and Partridge Import Numbers Revealed

french game farms

The HSA can exclusively reveal that just under 24 million pheasants and partridges were imported into the UK in 2021 to be killed on shoots throughout the country. This makes up roughly half of all such birds released into the UK countryside. DEFRA figures show that 23,990,188 birds were shipped in from factory farms in […]

What On Earth? The Scandal Of Artificial Fox-Rearing

As spring arrives and the foxhunting season comes to an end, we might hope for some reprieve for foxes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. The ‘off’ season is, in fact, one of the busiest times for the hunt terriermen as they prepare a new set of victims for the autumn. Fox hunting has never been about […]

Mink Hunting: The Secretive Summer Bloodsport

Saboteurs shut down the Three Counties Mink Hounds.

Origins in Otter Hunting Mink hunting has its roots in the ancient summer bloodsport of otter hunting. This cruel activity flourished in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, but the hunters had run out of otters to kill by the 1970s. Habitat destruction, hunting, and the use of DDT pesticides had driven the species to the […]