Grove and Rufford Soft Underbelly Exposed Covert footage obtained by the Hunt Saboteurs Association shows two men from the Grove and Rufford hunt in Nottinghamshire, attempting to bolt a fox for hounds to chase. The men are seen attempting to put terriers into an artificial earth and drainage rods are then used in an attempt to force a fox into […]


The HSA’s recent exposé of Hunting Office training webinars – which confirm that “trail hunting” is a smokescreen for illegal hunting – is only the latest instance in a long history of deception by the hunting lobby.  In 1978, the otter was saved from extinction by the passing of the Wildlife & Countryside Act. While a couple of otter hunts disbanded, most simply claimed to […]

Living Without The Hunt

The fallout from the Hunt Saboteurs Association’s exposé of Hunting Office webinars is ongoing. However, one of the most immediate results was the suspension of “trail hunting” licenses on over 2.3 million acres of land owned by the National Trust, United Utilities, and other bodies. An HSA supporter who lives in one of these areas […]


The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that positive news was in short supply this year. Despite all the misery, the Hunt Saboteurs Association has continued to protect our wildlife and inflict damage on the hunters. The biggest anti-hunt story of the year was undoubtedly our exposé of Hunting Office webinars which fatally damaged the ‘smokescreen’ of […]

Kimblewick On National News deliberately chasing and killing a fox

The Kimblewick, the self-styled super hunt held up by the Countryside Alliance as an example of best practice, have once again made national media for flouting the Hunting Act. The latest footage, filmed earlier in December, shows the Kimblewick hounds chasing a fox through an industrial estate, encouraged on by the huntsman. The footage, filmed […]

158 Hunts Hit by Covid Restrictions

Update 30th December 2020: Following the latest announcement by the Government that large parts of the country are moving into tier 4 there are now even more hunts confined to kennels. As of midnight tonight 158 hunts across England, Wales and Scotland are unable to go out and terrorise wildlife. Only 79 packs of hounds […]

Owner of H&M bans Hunt from 19,000 acre Estate

Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 14th December 2020 Stefan Perrson, the Billionaire owner of H&M, has banned hunting on his 19,000 acre English estate with immediate effect following an expose by Reading Hunt Saboteurs. The group filmed the Vine and Craven Hunt illegally hunting foxes on Saturday 5th December and posted on their Facebook page […]

Peterborough City Council Ban Hunting on their Land

Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 10th December 2020 Last night, at a full council meeting, Peterborough City Council voted to ban hunting on their land.  The final count was 30 in favour of the resolution, 26 against and 4 abstentions.  The resolution stated: “This Council resolves to do everything within its legal powers to prevent […]


Yesterday marked the first major hunting day since national media coverage of the leaked hunting webinars. Our exposé had a major effect on hunt behaviour with many packs meeting early in an unsuccessful bid to avoid sabs. Highlights included the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace sending their hounds home at first sight of sabs, and at […]


Update 27.11.20: Two more major landowners have suspended licenses today. The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) stated that “Whilst these allegations are being examined by the police and Crown Prosecution Service to determine if any criminal offences have taken place, we have suspended trail hunting on National Park Authority land.“This will include the suspension […]