Criminal Damage on Saboteurs’ vehicle by Red Coat of the Tedworth Foxhounds

Damage to Windscreen 230313 tedworth Hunt

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 25th March 2013 On March 23rdth Hunt saboteurs from the Bristol and Bath groups were  at The Fox public house, Tangley, on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border north of Andover, the meet of the the Tedworth Foxhounds. During the days hunting the group’s vehicles was blocked by riders as the hunt ‘put-up’ […]

Crawley & Horsham Fox hunt: Still breaking the law!


The Crawley & Horsham Fox hunt have once again been caught breaking the law, this time in their desperation to keep their financially ailing hunt going they have taken to street collections, but without the gaining the proper authority. Horsham District Council have issued a warning to the hunt that it is illegal to collect […]

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 7th of November 2011

Chaos in the Countryside A week after falsely blaming hunt saboteurs for the death of one of their hounds, the attached video shows the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt casually risking the lives of their hounds.  They were filmed throughout the day hunting on main roads, causing traffic chaos and at least two cars were forced […]

Six years on

HSA news release 15th February 2011 Six years since the ban and nothing’s changed Last Tuesday, the 15th feb, members of Guildford Hunt saboteurs witnessed riders with the Surrey Union Hunt blatantly encourage the chasing of a fox. The hunt met at littleton manor farm, reigate and were watched throughout the day for evidence of […]

Sussex’s finest in action

HSA news release 6th February 2011 Sussex’s finest in action on behalf of their masters… On Saturday 5th Feb Hunt Saboteurs attended a meet of the Crawley and Horsham Fox Hunt At Wiston, near Ashington, West Sussex. This hunt is under police investigation after being caught on film after killing a fox. The saboteurs were […]

There’s no-one else, Just Us…

HSA news release 1st November 2010 There’s no-one else, Just Us… November 1st, official start of the hunting season, the day the pro-hunt brigade confidently predicted they would again be hunting legally after the Lib-Con victory in the general election.  Now is their turn to feel betrayed and let down, as we were by years […]

Mendip Farmers – Neighbourhood Thugs

HSA news release 16th October 2010 Do you want these people in your neighbourhood? On Sat 16th October 2010 members of the South West hunt saboteurs were out monitoring the Chilmark and Clifton Foot beagle hunt at Emborough, near Midsomer Norton, Somerset.  They were present at the hunt to monitor for evidence of illegal hunting […]

Ban All Guns


HSA news release 4th June 2010 Stop the killing, ban all guns.   Yet another shooting spree claims the lives of twelve people and injures twice as many. All the countryside alliance can say is ‘The UK’s firearms licensing system is one of the strictest in the world and as the police investigation continues it […]

Boxing Day – the public face of fox hunting


HSA news release 24th December 2009 Boxing Day – the public face of fox hunting Every year, on Boxing Day, the Countryside Alliance proudly trumpet record attendance figures at the “traditional” foxhunt meets, claiming that this proves hunting is more popular than ever and that the Hunting Act should obviously be repealed.  Many interested but […]

And they call us Violent!

HSA News Release 15th November 2009       On Saturday 14th November, members of Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the opening meet of the Rockwood Harriers Hunt, just South of Emley, Huddersfield. Most of the group were following the hunt to ensure they weren’t illegally hunting.  The driver and a passenger were in the […]

Illegal Fox Hunters shoot at Hunt Saboteurs

HSA News Release 11th November 2009 Illegal Fox Hunters shoot at Hunt Saboteurs Saturday 7th November saw members of the recently formed Hunt and Crime Watch Scotland (HCWS) attend a gathering of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds – the Country’s most violent hunt – at Garryhorn Farm in Ayrshire Members of HCWS had been watching […]

Hunt Saboteurs return to scene of vicious attack

SDE 081109

News update 7 November 2009 After last Saturdays unprovoked attack on two Hunt Saboteurs by followers of the Southdown and Eridge, Fox Hunt saboteurs from the South East returned to show they will not be intimidated by threats and acts of violence in our efforts to protect the hunted wildlife of this country. Around thirty […]

Would David Cameron Approve of this?

Injured Sab after attack at Southdown & Eridge hunt

HSA News Release 31st October 2009   Injured Sab after attack at Southdown & Eridge huntOn Saturday 31st October, two Hunt saboteurs were the victim of a premeditated and unprovoked attack resulting in one needing hospital treatment for severe facial cuts and bruising and a suspected broken nose, during the attack the saboteurs were also […]

They’re still hunting…

HSA News Release 30th October 2009 They’re still hunting..that’s why we’re still sabbing Over 40,000 hunters pledged to break the ban on hunting.  Almost 5 years after the ban it’s no surprise that hunts continue to openly flout the law of the land. On November the 1st 2003 over 40,000 pro hunters arrogantly signed the […]

Hunt Saboteurs run over by hunt quad bike

HSA News Release 24th October 2009 Hunt Saboteurs run over by hunt quad bike Two hunt saboteurs have been run down and injured by a quad bike, driven by a member of the Tedworth hunt, in Wiltshire.   The hunt saboteurs were parked up in a narrow lane watching the hunt when a quad bike, […]

Derbyshire Police payout over £37,000 to Hunt Saboteurs

HSA News Release 21st August 2009 Derbyshire Police payout over £37,000 to Hunt Saboteurs 11 Hunt saboteurs from Yorkshire and the Midlands have each received over £3,000 after reaching an out-of-court settlement with the Derbyshire Constabulary following their wrongful arrest in January 2008. The saboteurs were in attendance on the Meynall and South Staffordshire Fox […]

Fox hunts revert to type…

HSA News Release 19th January 2009   Fox hunts revert to type…   Violence and lawbreaking has returned to the countryside in 2009 as fox hunts continue to hunt and kill in spite of the hunt ban, and hunt supporters resort to violence and theft in order to protect the lawbreakers. All hunts get extra […]

Please: make US redundant!

HSA News Release 26th December 2008 Please: make US redundant!   Hunt Saboteurs around the country are readying themselves for yet another bloody boxing day – nearly four years after the hunt ban came into effect. Fox hunts are still killing at will, therefore the role of hunt saboteurs is as important as it ever […]

What the fox going on?

HSA News Release 1st November 2008 What the fox going on? Hunts allow media access as long as no questions are asked   The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) stated today that after more than 40 years of getting between hunters and their quarry, their work continues much as ever, almost four years after the Hunting […]

Death on the Village green


HSA News Release 14th January 2008   Remember that hunting ban? The Surrey Union foxhunt managed to kill yet again in public last Saturday 5th January. For the second year running they allowed their hounds to pursue and kill a fox in open view. Last year it was after trespassing on a golf course at […]