The HSA’s recent exposé of Hunting Office training webinars – which confirm that “trail hunting” is a smokescreen for illegal hunting – is only the latest instance in a long history of deception by the hunting lobby.  In 1978, the otter was saved from extinction by the passing of the Wildlife & Countryside Act. While a couple of otter hunts disbanded, most simply claimed to […]

Living Without The Hunt

The fallout from the Hunt Saboteurs Association’s exposé of Hunting Office webinars is ongoing. However, one of the most immediate results was the suspension of “trail hunting” licenses on over 2.3 million acres of land owned by the National Trust, United Utilities, and other bodies. An HSA supporter who lives in one of these areas […]

New Tip off Hotline

The HSA now have a tip-off hotline that you can contact in strict confidence! If you have some information about a hunt or have seen a hunt please get in touch, someone will respond to you as soon as possible. 07443148426

The Reality of Boxing Day Fox Hunting

Fox Killed by Thurlow Hunt

Boxing day is the biggest day in the Fox Hunting Calendar. It’s a massive propaganda event run by the Countryside Alliance to portray “trail hunting” – a harmless, legal activity supported by millions of ordinary country folk. They troll out endless pictures of happy children on horseback and contented hounds licking youngsters faces that are […]

Seal Campaign – Latest News


It is with great sadness that the HSA Seal Guardian Campaign 2015 reports the loss of its first seal.    The Scottish Wild Salmon Company aka Usan Fisheries shot this female adult grey seal. It was not a clean shot. The bullet entered the lower cheek/neck area, and passed straight through her. She would have […]

Severn Vale Hare Hunting festival stopped in its tracks


Today over fifty sabs attended the Severn Vale Hare hunting festival, originally thought to be a single day event but thanks to Kay Thompson, hunt photographer, who posted about her attendance on her Twitter feed (doh), we realised it is a six day event. Sabs turned up to realise that this sport, so vaunted by […]

More violence from Crawley & Horsham as cubbing season starts

Less than one week after the violence at the Blackmore and Sparkmore Vale hunt, you would be thinking that the Countryside Alliance would have advised hunts to keep a low profile. If so it has not sunk into the low intellects of the Crawley & Horsham hunting set.  No sooner had hunt sabs turned up […]

The Seal Cull


The undercover team that had so much success in gathering the information that lead to the suspension of the seal cull at Gardenstown in April returned to Scotland on the 23rd of July, this time accompanied by a new member of the Glasgow Hunt Saboteurs. Their target on this occasion was the salmon farming industry […]


General Leaflet

Knowledge is power! So we’ve made some great leaflets to help spread the word about who we are, what we do and why we do it.  Click a picture of a leaflet to see a more detailed image.   Leaflets can be ordered by contacting us here.   Still saving lives! Our general leaflet. Detailing who […]