Leicestershire Hunts Laughing at the Law

The County of Leicestershire describes itself as “The Heart of Rural England”, proudly displays a fox on the County Sign and is commonly called the home of fox hunting. This heritage is still apparent throughout the county with the all powerful “Shire packs” – The Quorn, the Belvoir, The Fernie and the Cottesmore riding roughshod […]

Veganuary – The Perfect Time To Support Hunt Sabbing!

Yes, that’s right…you can fund hunt sabotage from the safety of your kitchen, the supermarket or even your favourite restaurant! For the last year or so, the Hunt Saboteurs Association have been partnered with the abillionveg app to promote vegan food and to raise funds for hunt sabotage! This has proved incredibly successful – with […]

It’s your land, your money, right? So, why is hunting allowed?

Much of what we consider ‘our’ land is in fact either privately owned or controlled by other bodies. Many of these landowners still license ‘trail hunting’, despite the recent revelations that trail hunting is ‘a sham and a fiction’ as demonstrated in the Hunting Office webinar exposé, subsequent court case and conviction. Indeed, trail hunting […]

Boxing Day Carnage in the Countryside

Just days after Paul O’Shea, terrier man for the East Essex Hunt was arrested for torturing a fox with a pitchfork, foxhunting had the highlight of its annual calendar – Boxing Day. Having so recently been once again exposed for the violent illegal thugs they are and on the one day that the majority of […]

No Defence: Hunt Kills Fox On MOD Land

WARNING: DISTRESSING IMAGES Yesterday – Christmas Eve – the Royal Artillery Hunt hunted and killed a fox on Ministry of Defence land in Wiltshire. Sabs arrived on the scene to find the huntsman off his horse and in amongst the hounds. On seeing sabs, the cowardly huntsman rode off leaving the torn but still warm […]

Hunt Terrier Man Tortures Fox With Pitchfork

North London Hunt Sabs have filmed Paul O’Shea, terrier man for the East Essex Hunt, trapping and torturing a fox with a pitchfork. The incident took place on Saturday 4th December when O’Shea and an unidentified female visited an artificial earth in Great Monks Wood, just two miles from the East Essex Hunt kennels. Hunts […]

Become Our Eyes And Ears In The Countryside

The Hunt Saboteurs Association would like to extend its thanks to the thousands of members of the public who have provided us with information over the last year. Hunting became increasingly secretive after it was made illegal in 2005. Since the explosive Hunting Office webinars – which exposed ‘trail hunting’ as a smokescreen for traditional […]

Sabs Tell Deer Hunters To Buck Off

Last Saturday, intrepid Devon County sabs attended a rare meet of the Exe Valley Buckhounds at Shillingford, Mid Devon. This pack is one of two remaining hunts who target roe deer. However, with sabs in attendance, the hunt simply rode around a few fields before packing up early – job done. Devon County’s action has […]

Thousands of Pheasants and Partridges to be Culled at Lancashire Game Farm

Bird flu is currently sweeping across the country, as a UK-wide housing order came into effect on Monday 29th November.  Whilst most of the 20 confirmed cases of the (HPAI) H5N1 strain of avian influenza in England are at chicken or turkey units, the disease has also been detected at a game farm in Lancashire. On 25th […]

Last Chance For Christmas!

It’s that chilly sabbing season and what better way to show you care than with Hunt Saboteurs Association merchandise. With a superb range of items, we are certain you will find the perfect gift for the sab in your life or friends and family. We strive to source ethically sound items, fairly traded so you […]