From The Brown Dog To The Beagles

For seven years between 1903 and 1910, the UK was gripped and divided over the issue of the use of animals in medical research. This energy was triggered by the plight of one particular animal, a large brown dog who was reputed to have been spectacularly ill-treated for the purposes of a university medical lecture at University College […]

Sabs Across The Country Mobilise To Save Fox Cubs

And so it begins… cub hunting, the disgusting and illegal practice of training new foxhounds to kill fox cubs, is now in full swing across the country. Hunts ride out very early in the morning – when fox scent is strongest – and surround woods or fields with riders to ensure foxes and cubs have […]

The Badger Cull – Coming to a County Near You

badger in a trap

Since 2013 the Conservative Government and the National Farmers Union have spearheaded a policy that has led to the barbaric deaths of 140,830 badgers, an almost unimaginable figure. In 2020 alone more than 40,000 badgers were killed in 54 cull zones from Cornwall to Cumbria and from Lincolnshire to Cheshire. Almost the entire South West […]

Leveret Hunting: Beagling’s Dirty Secret

Background to Beagling There are around 60 packs of beagles in the UK that hunt the brown hare for ‘sport’. Beagles hunt the scent of the hare and kill the poor animal by wearing it down over time. The beagles are followed on foot, so there are no horses involved. Beagling should not be confused […]

Eastern Counties Mink Hunt Saboteurs

In a recent edition of the hunt sab magazine HOWL, we outlined a brief history of the Eastern Counties Mink/Otter hounds (ECMH), and efforts to sabotage them. If that could have been summarised as ‘the rise and fall of the ECMH’ then we’d probably need to entitle this one ‘The fall and fall of the […]

A Glorious 12th for Hunt Saboteurs

Sabs stop shooters on the glorious 12th

Over 100 hunt sabs have disrupted multiple grouse shoots in the Yorkshire Dales on the  prestigious opening day of the grouse shooting season.  Despite repeated claims in the media that shoots were either delaying or cancelling their seasons due to low grouse counts we knew that many of them still wouldn’t be able to resist the urge […]

24 Million ‘Gamebirds’ Shipped to the UK to be Shot

Partridges in a French game farm supplying the UK shooting industry

The HSA can reveal that over 24 million pheasants and partridges were imported to the UK in 2020. Shockingly, 24,372,048 of these birds were shipped to shooting estates across the UK last year, despite the national lockdowns severely curtailing much of the shooting season. Factory farms across Europe, in which these ‘gamebirds’ suffer in tiny […]

Strong Coffee And Citronella – The Dawn Disgrace That Is Cub Hunting

cub hunting

From the late summer harvest onwards, as soon as local conditions allow, until the beginning of the “season” for fox hunting, hunts will be engaged in cub hunting as often as they are able. For some packs this could be every single day and is a side of hunting very rarely seen by the public […]

Eggesford Fox Hunt Staff Convicted

Exeter Magistrates’ Court this week heard the verdict in the trial of two terriermen of the Eggesford Hunt. Nathan Bowes and Seward Folland stood trial on 5 and 6 July 2021 for unlawfully interfering with a badger sett. Exeter court today found the pair guilty on all counts. The incident took place on 23 November […]

Attention National Trust Members – Trail Hunting Is A Pack Of Lies!

The problem with telling a lie is that you often have to cover it up with another, then another and another. Before you know it, you have a whole pack of lies running out of control! This is exactly the situation the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) and the Countryside Alliance (CA) have got themselves […]