CPS To Bring Charges Against Hunting Webinar Participants

We’re delighted to hear that the Crown Prosecution Service will be pursuing charges against Mark Hankinson, Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), who featured in the leaked Hunting Office webinars that the Hunt Saboteurs Association exposed in November last year. The webinars clearly show a concerted attempt to pervert the course of justice […]

HSA Exclusive – Fox Hunters’ Own Footage Catches them Breaking Lockdown

quorn hunt illegally hunting during a pandemic

Videos and letters sent to the HSA show that on Thursday 18th March the Quorn Hunt travelled over 15 miles from their kennels to the home of Senior Joint Master Joss Hanbury at Burley on the Hill Leicestershire to celebrate his 70th birthday. Sources say that Joss used hounds formerly from the Atherstone hunt to […]

Lamerton Huntsman Found ‘Not Guilty’ Of Illegal Hunting Despite Video Evidence

“Hunted wildlife continue to be let down by the police and the courts, even in the face of clear video evidence”, say anti-bloodsports campaigners following today’s ‘not guilty’ verdict against members of the Lamerton Hunt at Exeter Magistrates Court. The huntsman of the Lamerton Hunt, David Lewis, and his former whipper-in and now-huntsman of the […]


We have received footage of terrier men Peter Wardley and Christopher Godber from the infamous Barlow hunt blocking an active badger sett during a cubbing meet at Butts Quarry in Ashover on the 27th October 2020. Interfering with an active badger sett is illegal and certainly has no place in a supposed ‘trail hunt’. Sett […]

Forestry England Confirm Hunting Ban to Remain

Weymouth Animal Rights have forwarded us the following email confirming that Forestry England won’t lift their ban on hunting until after Mark Hankinson’s trial and any possible appeal. Dear #### Thank you for your email. Trail hunting is not currently permitted within the nation’s forests managed by Forestry England and our suspension remains in place. […]

The Criminal and Horsham, The UK’s Most Violent Hunt, On Its Knees

Crawley and Horsham

The Crawley and Horsham Hunt, long known as one of the most violent in the UK, have been forced to give up their kennels and beg for shelter with the South Down and Eridge Hunt. They will only be keeping a small number of hounds and will hunt for one day a week. Outrageously the […]

2020 Badger Cull Figures Released

2020’s badger cull killing figures have finally been announced, over a month later than usual. The final kill figure was a truly horrifying 38,642, the highest figure to date as was to be expected with 55 cull zones. The total figure in the 7 years of culling now stands at 140,991. In the ten new […]

Grove and Rufford Soft Underbelly Exposed

https://youtu.be/Hz4gXyJKWdk Covert footage obtained by the Hunt Saboteurs Association shows two men from the Grove and Rufford hunt in Nottinghamshire, attempting to bolt a fox for hounds to chase. The men are seen attempting to put terriers into an artificial earth and drainage rods are then used in an attempt to force a fox into […]


The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that positive news was in short supply this year. Despite all the misery, the Hunt Saboteurs Association has continued to protect our wildlife and inflict damage on the hunters. The biggest anti-hunt story of the year was undoubtedly our exposé of Hunting Office webinars which fatally damaged the ‘smokescreen’ of […]

Kimblewick On National News deliberately chasing and killing a fox

The Kimblewick, the self-styled super hunt held up by the Countryside Alliance as an example of best practice, have once again made national media for flouting the Hunting Act. The latest footage, filmed earlier in December, shows the Kimblewick hounds chasing a fox through an industrial estate, encouraged on by the huntsman. The footage, filmed […]