Briefing on introduction of CJA

rescued fox

THE REAL CRIMINALS A Briefing Paper on the new offence of aggravated trespass in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill   Right: Hunt Master Allan Wynn punches a saboteur to the ground at the Vale of Aylesbury Hunt   Note This was originally written in April 1994 as a briefing paper for Members of […]

Failure of the CJA

A report on the first season of the implementation of the new offence of aggravated trespass from May 1995. This report was written to assess the impact of the new offence of aggravated trespass at the end of the first hunting season in which it was used. It does not deal with other sections of […]

Right to silence

RIGHT TO SILENCE: THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND PUBLIC ORDER BILL 1994 The following article from 1994 was written by the HSA’s then Legal officer, dealing with the changes in the law regarding a suspect’s right to silence, and how it is likely to affect hunt saboteurs. THE RIGHT TO SILENCE We all know that the […]

Pre-Meet Tactics

PRE-MEET TACTICS A lot can be done to sabotage a fox hunt before it starts to hunt, by ensuring that there are unlikely to be foxes in the area, by covering the scent of those foxes that remain, and even by leaving false trails. Pre-meet tactics require that you know where the hunt are going […]

Grouse Shooting

GROUSE SHOOTING Season: August 12th-10th December Grouse are smaller than pheasant and larger than partridge which they resemble. They are found in coveys, large and small, sometimes singly, sometimes of 20 birds or more. Later in the season they often pack in large numbers. They feed mostly on heather shoots, occupying bleak moorland. They are […]

Hare Coursing

HARE COURSING No of clubs in England and Wales : 27 Ireland : Coursing is governed by the Irish Coursing Club and the rules differ slightly, as the hares are gathered before the meet and released from a man-made tunnel into the coursing field when needed. This is known as “park coursing”. Season: September 15th-March […]

Mink Hunting

Mink Hunting The joint effects of the decline in the otter population in the sixties and the rising costs in maintaining otter packs meant that many hunts had to sell hounds and stop hunting. These hunts then became clubs, still with subscribers, but inviting others to hunt their rivers. The situation before the otter became […]

Stag and Deer Hunting

STAG AND DEER HUNTING Number of packs in England: 4 Seasons : Red Stag, Sika Stag, Fallow Buck : August 1st – April 30th Red Hind, Sika Hind, Fallow Doe, Red Doe : November 1st – February 28th Usual Start : 11.00 am. [Right: Deer’s “Slots”] Three packs hunt the Red Deer – the Devon […]

Fox Hunting

FOX HUNTING No. of packs in England, Scotland and Wales : 190 and 100 + unregistered packs Ireland : 34  Official season : Cub hunting : 4 August to 31 October Fox hunting : 1 November to 1May Usual start : Cub hunting : 4.00 a.m. in late July to 10.30 a.m. in October Fox […]

Hare Hunting

HARE HUNTING There are three types of pack that hunt the hare by scent. In England and Wales the brown hare is hunted. The blue, or mountain hare occurs in hill country and a variety of this hare is hunted in Ireland. HARRIERS No.of packs in England, Scotland and Wales: 25 Ireland: 27 Season: End […]