How to hold a Information Stall


Holding an Information Stall is easy, interesting and is essential to any grassroots campaign! Animal Rights UK have produced a very helpful guide on your rights to campaign, which is available here and information packs can be ordered by emailing us here with your address.

One Law for us, none for them!


Hunt Monitors from a West Sussex-based fox and badger protection group had to witness a fox being chased and killed. Dramatic new footage taken yesterday shows how five years after the Hunting Act, hunts have grown in confidence.  Simon Wild, a local hunt monitor said: “This is not the first time the Crawley and Horsham […]

Now they know what it feels like to be hunted!


Hunting claims to be all about tradition and this is never truer than on Boxing Day. Their big day will be slavishly and sympathetically covered by most press and media outlets exactly as the Countryside Alliance wants it to be. They will claim there are hundreds of thousands of converted members of the public turning […]

Hunts Come Out of the Closet…

Despite the fact that the hunting season started with Cubhunting at the start of August, hunts are only now starting to admit outsiders to their world of ‘sport’. While the police, politicians and media looked the other way over the last 3 months, about half the foxes hunts will kill this season will have been […]

And So It Begins…

Just when you thought you could enjoy the summer…. Cubhunting has started in the West County – here’s some from Dorset from the 10th August 2010. It is illegal and shouldn’t be happening, but fox cubs born in March  this year (2010 – 5 years after ‘the ban’) will be hunted and torn apart  in […]

Attack in Sussex

sab after attack in Sussex

Would David Cameron Approve of this? David Cameron is happy to sing the praises of the hunting community and has promised to repeal the Hunting Act if the Tories win the General Election.  We would like to know if he approves of this callous, unprovoked and vicious attack by ten hunt supporters on two innocent […]


Child after being 'blooded' at first kill

Make jokes about Sabs and soap, but all the Lush soap in the world will not wash the blood off your kids’ faces or your bloodstained hands… You may have seen that those wonderful people at Lush, the cruelty-free handmade cosmetics company, are promoting the HSA (that’s us!) through their high street stores and highlighting […]

Direct Action

In this section you can find out more about Direct Action Against Bloodsports and how you can get involved.