Hound Fits during Illegal Deer Hunt

This video shows hounds from the Ross Harriers Hunt rioting through a private garden in Gloucestershire, illegally chasing a deer.   The disturbing footage shows one of the hounds fitting, presumably after being run to exhaustion by the hunt. The concerned land owner tried to take the distressed animal to the vets for urgent treatment […]

West Wales Hunt Monitor Shot In The Head

West Wales Anti Bloodsports were monitoring the South Pembrokeshire Hunt at Campshill Farm, near Yerbeston, on October 19th 2011. They had been observing the hunt from a distance cross-country, and from a vantage point across fields, see through binoculars that the terriermen are once again digging at a hedge bank or row. They make their […]

Steven Barrett Threatening Hunt Monitors

A monologue from a loyal member of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt (note his little blue lapel badge). Peppered with threats or hints of violence, he still doesn’t succeed in making the monitor cry – “most women would have been in tears by now”. Monitors of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt frequently come across this kind of […]

Cotswold Vale Hunt and the unborn Fox Cubs

The Cotswold Vale Fox Hunt killed a pregnant vixen on Tuesday 6th March this year. While the kill was not seen on film, monitors heard the fox scream and managed to make their way on to land afterwards in an attempt to find evidence of the kill. It all happened so fast that monitors believe […]