Chaos in The Countryside



Since the hype and spin of Boxing Day it’s back to usual on the countryside killing fields. Hunts are going to ever more extreme lengths to try and stop the sabs who stand in their way of hunting and killing wildlife.

Here’s a round up of just SOME of the things that have happened since the New Year:

Cotswold Hunt caught digging out an active badger sett. Image: Three Counties Sabs

On the 4th Jan sabs from CIHW and Three Counties sabs caught the Cotswold Hunt digging out an active badger sett. The presence of the sabs forced them to stop and the incident is now being investigated by Gloucestershire police.

On Saturday the 7th Sheffield and Peak District sabs had their tires slashed by balaclava wearing thugs from the Grove and Rufford Hunt. This was followed on the Tuesday by the hunts whipper in Tom Hopson attacking members of the Sheffield group.

Thugs from the Grove and Rufford Hunt

Later on that week a member of Weymouth Animal Rights had two dead foxes left at their home by supporters of the South Dorset Hunt. This followed supporters of the same hunt slashing the tires on multiple WAR vehicles on New Years Eve in a bid to stop them sabbing.

One of two dead foxes left at the home of a member of Weymouth Animal Rights

This past Saturday was the worst day yet. Beds and Bucks sabs had their windscreen smashed by the Fitzwilliam Hunt whilst even more shockingly West Sussex sabs vehicle was attacked by a farmer driving a tractor with spikes on the front. The spikes pierced the vehicle inches from where a sab was sitting and they were lucky to escape serious injury.

West Sussex sabs’ vehicle was attacked by a farmer driving a tractor

Also on Saturday the East Kent Hunt killed a fox in front of West Kent Sabs in someone’s front garden while the Mendip Farmers Hunt hunted a fox through a local zoo, terrorising the animals, just days after meeting at a church without permission.

A fox killed by the East Kent Hunt

Three Counties were in action again, this time catching the Heythrop Hunt terrier men attempting to flush a fox out of an artificial earth to be hunted.

Amidst all this chaos and carnage special mention must go to West Midlands Sabs who sabbed the once powerful Warwickshire Hunt for the 50th time this season.

A spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:

“Any of these incidents alone are shocking but when you look at them collectively it’s unbelievable. Hunts are criminal countryside gangs that are running amok and consider themselves completely above the law. Hunt saboteurs are used to such violence and we will not be deterred. It’s only because of the presence of sabs that these incidents have been made public and we will continue to act to shine a spotlight on the outrageous acts of the hunting community.”

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