Cheshire Forest Hunt – Control your supporters!

HSA news release 26th November 2005

Hunt monitors call for Cheshire Forest Hunt to control supporters after monitor is attacked and video camera smashed

A hunt supporter was today being sought by police in relation to an allegation of Criminal Damage after a hunt saboteur was attacked and had his video camera smashed as he monitor attempted to film the hunt. The incident occurred as the Cheshire Forest Hunt met at Peover Hall, Over Peover (near Knutsford) which also serves as the hunt kennels. Hunt saboteurs were present to monitor the hunt and film any incidences of illegal hunting, as they believe the hunt have been attempting to use the cover of a bird of prey to mask attempts to continue hunting in defiance of the hunt ban. The incident comes just 4 days after the kennel huntsman of the Avon Vale Foxhounds was arrested for attacking a hunt monitor and taking their camera.

Dawn Preston a spokesperson for the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association stated ‘Here we see a blatant attempt by a supporter to prevent hunt monitors from checking on the activities of the hunt – who we believe are breaking the law and continuing to literally hunt our wildlife to death. If they have nothing to hide why on earth do they feel the need to attack people who seek only to ensure that the law is being adhered to? This attack does nothing but confirm to us that we are right to continue to devote time and effort to the Cheshire Forest Hunt, and makes us doubly determined to capture evidence of illegal hunting and pass it to the police as is necessary.’

She continued ‘The hunt monitor was simply filming the hunt when a supporter attacked him by taking hold of him around the neck, and attempted to snatch the video camera off him – breaking it in the process. We believe this was a desperate attempt to try and prevent us from getting evidence to show that the hunt are blatantly hunting illegally. The police attended the scene and a statement was made to the above effect. Police are now looking to detain the suspect for questioning, and we look forward to further helping them with their enquiries.’

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