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Our Hotline Number

07443 148 426

For general enquiries, email the Information Officer using the contact form below:

If you have a specific enquiry, please use the following contact details:

Campaigns enquiries: email the Campaigns Officer here.

Intel enquiries: email the Intelligence Officer here.

Investigations enquiries: email the Investigations Officer here.

Local group enquiries: email the Group Support Officer here.

Membership enquiries: email the Membership Officer here.

Press enquiries: 07503 531277  or email the Press Officer here.

Sales enquiries: email the Merchandise Officer here.

Tactics enquiries: email the Tactics Officer here.

PGP: Click here to download our PGP public key if you wish to send us encrypted data.

By Mail: BM HSA, London, WC1N 3XX, U.K.

By Telephone +44 (0)845 2501291

Cheques need to be payable to the HSA please and sent to: BM HSA, London, WC1N 3XX, U.K.

If you have sent a membership request, sales goods order or a donation by mail to us recently please be patient with our response as we rely on a forwarding system to distribute paperwork to the relevant volunteers that deal with these areas and there is therefore a delay involved.

This site is not administered from our office address above. If you would like leaflets or posters etc, please email the Information Officer.

The HSA is 100% volunteer run, please bear with us if you experience a delay.