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The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has been fighting cruelty to animals since 1963 and relies entirely on the generosity of its members and supporters. We have no paid staff, so every penny donated to the HSA goes exactly where it really counts, the groups saving the lives of hunted animals in the field.


If you are kind enough to leave a gift to the Hunt Saboteurs Association in your will, you can help to ensure that the good work carried out by active sabs carries on.

If you pass on without making a will, your estate is divided according to ‘intestacy rules’. This can take a long time and may mean that the people or organisations that you would have liked to have benefited do not receive anything, whilst the government receives a share of your estate.


Wills are legally binding documents which should be written with the help of a solicitor. Many law firms advertise this specialism in the Yellow Pages and online, or you can contact the law society on 020 7242 1222 for advice. If you already have a will, a bequest to the HSA can be added as a codicil.


If you choose to remember the HSA in your will, please let us know by contacting us.

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