Continued Harassment of Hunt Saboteurs by biased Police Force


A West Midlands Hunt Saboteur (WMHS) has had a second PIN (Police Information Notice) issued against her by Leicestershire Police. This follows two previous PIN’s issued by the same force being quashed and the police apologising saying they had been grossly misused.


The saboteur who has received the PIN does all the filming surrounding the Atherstone Hunt so this comes as no surprise as the hunt clearly don’t want their unlawful and anti-social behaviour consistently exposed week after week. The police seem unwilling to enforce the hunting act so target the saboteurs instead. The notice claims that sabs have harassed a member of the hunt (Jayney Rayney, the huntsman’s partner) but she has been allocated by the hunt to permanently film the sabs and still hasn’t been able to produce evidence of this alleged harassment.


Members of WMHS’s have had one of their cars set on fire outside their home and tyres slashed. Jayney Rayney has described the sabs home to her recently and said that they know all about her and that she’s got it coming.


Members of the Atherstone hunt were recently caught on film performing sex acts on a dead goose. This footage received national media coverage. Jayney Rayney was the adult hunt member seen filming this incident and laughing at this foul behaviour.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “We have long given up hope that Leicestershire Police will actually enforce the hunting act but to see them target saboteurs and act as private security for the Atherstone Hunt is still disappointing. Two previous PIN’s were issued by the force against sabs and were then followed by a retraction and an apology. We fully expect that to happen in this case too but the damage has already been done to the force’s reputation.”


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