Cottesmore Hunt Assault Sabs (again)

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Hunt Saboteurs Association
Press Release 19th September 2021 

On Saturday the 18th of September a member of Northants Hunt Sabs was attacked by a member of the notorious Cottesmore Hunt.

The sab was thrown off a gate by Kelvin Pestell, who has previous for assaulting sabs. They experienced breathing difficulties and were rushed to hospital where he was found to have two broken ribs. Another sab also attended A&E after being thrown against a tree. Both assaults have been reported to Leicestershire police who we fully expect to treat the matter with their usual pro-hunt bias. 

The attack happened a year after the same sab was airlifted to hospital after being ridden down by Chris Mardles, whipper in at the Pytchley hunt in Northamptonshire. It’s the second Saturday in a row that sabs have been attacked by hunts. Last week members of Mendips hunt sabs were attacked and had equipment stolen after filming the Mendip Farmers Hunt killing a fox. 

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, commented:

“Ever since the leaked webinars blew away their smokescreen these illegal criminal gangs are under increasing pressure.  Sab activity is increasing and public opinion swings ever further against them.  Well done to Northants and Hertfordshire sabs for the campaign they have mounted that has brought the Cottesmore hunt to its knees.  We admire their bravery in the face of such violence and know that they will inevitably succeed. 

We have little faith in any investigation by Leicestershire Police who have for years protected the powerful hunts in their county.  Their blatant bias and corruption has previously allowed Pestell to escape unpunished and we’re sure they’ll enable the same outcome on this occasion.” 

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