County Chairman of Countryside Alliance Admits Assaulting Hunt Saboteur

At the very least make sure you aren't being filmed!

HSA news release 13th March 2004


Jamie Hawksfield, West Sussex County Chairman of the Countryside Alliance was arrested today (Tuesday 13th April 2004) at Crawley Police Station, W. Sussex.

Whilst at the police station, he was shown video of him threatening and assaulting hunt sab, Jaine Wild. The incident occured on 27/02/04 at a meeting of the Crawley and Horsham hunt near Shipley, W. Sussex. Hawksfield had struck Jaine with his whip, causing a hand injury. He had also shouted: “There’s no one to protect you now!” During the assault a senior member of the hunt raced over 50 metres on his horse to try and block the cameraman’s view of the assault.

This is a typical action of this “gangster hunt” which is considered by the Hunt Saboteur’s Association to be one of the most violent hunts in the country and is referred to as such in numerous articles, pictures and news releases elsewhere on this site.

Hawksfield admitted the offence and was given a formal police caution as he is a first time offender. This offence will remain on the police computer for many years, as will his finger prints and DNA.

Hawksfield is not only the County Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, but runs Equestrian Vision at Cowfold, which specialise in videos and books relating to the racing, hunting and equestrian world.

It also looks as if Hawksfield failed to read a recent ‘ACTION FOR HUNTING’ e-bulletin from his desperate colleagues at head office:

“Everyone involved in hunting must at all times behave as though they were being watched/filmed by people hostile to hunting. Everything you do must be tested against the question ‘Could a hostile witness make damaging use of this if it were caught on film?’. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then, NO MATTER HOW LEGITIMATE,DON’T DO IT, or at the very least make absolutely certain that you are NOT being watched/filmed… It is simply a reminder that LACS et all are putting major resources into covert observation/filming and will twist and distort anything if they think it will further their cause)”

His arrogance (or stupidity) at waltzing into the police station to admit his actions reminds us of a Master of an Essex Hunt who was memorable quoted during the 1970s: “Horsewhipping a saboteur is rather like beating a wife. Both are personal matters.”

At the very least make sure you aren't being filmed!

At the very least make sure you aren't being filmed!Quick chaps! Block the view from the camera

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