Crawley & Horsham fox hunt: Repeat offenders

Quad 290912 Netherwood CH

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release 5th April 2013

The financially troubled Crawley & Horsham Fox hunt was convicted on May 15th 2012 of 5 counts of illegal hunting.  Following these convictions it would be expected that such a high profile blood sport organisation and its supporters would attempt to keep within the law but that has not been the case.

In the last year alone supporters of this hunt have been found guilty or have been issued warnings for the following:

  • Road traffic and health & safety offences where a young child was endangered by being made to ride unrestrained on the open trailer of a quad bike on the public roads during a hunt near Netherwood on the 29th September 20012 (video available)
  • Illegally making street collections in Horsham town centre in January 2013
  • A Section 59 of the police reform act 2002 for dangerous driving with no concern for the safety of pedestrians during a hunt near Dragon’s green on the 10th march 2013
  • A hunt supporter was warned for making improper sexual comments to female anti-hunt campaigner again near Netherwood on the 29th September 20012

Other incidents are with Sussex police and will be resolved in the next few months.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “These numerous separate incidents show that those who partake in hunting believe themselves to be above the law and can act in any fashion they see fit, endangering the public and their own children in reckless acts. The rapidly reducing numbers attending this hunt, and others, show that hunting is a dying pursuit and that in the 21st century such activities and attitudes are not acceptable.  The sooner this hunt shuts up shop for good the better for society as a whole.”

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