Criminal investigation launched into Government badger killers

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Recent reports have confirmed what hunt saboteurs already knew – the marksmen shooting badgers in the government culls were marauding across the countryside, trespassing on land that was not part of the cull with high powered rifles.



In theory these hired killers were subject to stringent rules and regulations but more and more evidence is coming to light that these were just ignored in a bid to kill as many badgers as possible with the minimum amount of effort on the killers part.



Gloucestershire police are now carrying out a criminal investigation into the shooters law breaking. Much of the shooting activity was filmed by AHVLA (a Government department) monitors and the HSA demands that the police are given full access to these tapes in order to carry out a thorough investigation.



Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Everyone already knew that the badger cull was a scientific farce and it’s now becoming clear it was also illegally carried out. The only option for the government is to suspend the culling licenses until the criminal investigation is concluded.”




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