Devon County Hunt Sabs secure conviction


The Spooner’s & West Dartmoor Hunt terrier man has been found guilty of blocking, damaging, and causing a terrier to enter a protected badger sett under the 1992 Protection of Badgers Act.

Terrierman Mark Harris. Image: Devon County Hunt Sabs

Mark Harris was caught breaking the law and endangering animals’ lives by Devon County Sabs on 27 November 2021.

In court Harris claimed that the hounds were under control of the huntsman Guy Morlock. They chased a fox to ground and he was instructed to flush and kill that fox. Mark said that he knew there was a litter of foxes in the area on that day.

The Spooner’s & West Dartmoor Hunt. Image: Devon County Hunt Sabs

Mark was ordered to pay a fine of £1000, victim surcharge of £100, and Crown’s costs of £900.

A Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson stated:

“It must be questioned why the huntsman was not in the dock alongside him and if the Spooner’s & West Dartmoor will continue to use his tainted services going forward.

There is of course no legitimate reason for a terrier man to be employed on a supposed trail hunt’ and this conviction once again shows the practice of trail hunting is just a smokescreen to kill wildlife.”

This is yet another conviction achieved using evidence supplied by Hunt Sabs. Behind all the headlines is the fact that Hunt Saboteurs have achieved more convictions than any other organisation despite having far fewer resources.

Devon County Sabs keep the pressure on the Spooner's & West Dartmoor Hunt
Devon County Sabs keep the pressure on the Spooner’s & West Dartmoor Hunt. Image: Devon County Hunt Sabs

With over 60 local groups across the country, hunt saboteurs, under the umbrella of the volunteer run Hunt Saboteurs Association, are the only real force saving lives and getting hunters to face the courts.

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