Exposed: The Horror Of Stag Hunting

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North Dorset Hunt Sabs have been in action against the Quantocks Staghounds in Somerset this week. Despite their brave efforts, sabs were unable to save a young stag who was remorselessly hunted to exhaustion.

Hours from death: the stag runs for his life.
Hours from death: the stag runs for his life.

As is standard practice in stag hunting, experienced hounds were used to separate the wretched animal from the protection of his herd near Lower Hare Knapp. The hunt then used relays of two hounds to relentlessly pursue the stag across the Quantock Hills. Hunt riders, 4 x4 vehicles, and thugs on quad bikes were all involved in heading the stag away from sanctuary land and communicating his location to the huntsman. At one point a walker – out to enjoy the peace of the hills – bravely tried to intervene, but to no avail.

Screaming hunter heads the stag away from safety.
Screaming hunter heads the stag away from safety.

By mid-afternoon, the hounds had lost the scent of the stag, but ghoulish hunters eventually spotted him hiding – totally exhausted and eyes bulging in terror – beneath a holly bush. Sabs heard a shot ring out and rushed to the scene, to be met by the grotesque sight of hunters dragging the body to a quad bike, so it could be taken away to be carved up.

Hunters drag the dead stag to the quad bike.
Hunters drag the dead stag to the quad bike.

Yes, even in death the abuse of this stag was not over. As with all forms of hunting, the body of the victim is ritually mutilated. In stag hunting, the teeth and feet are removed and given to supporters, the landowner is presented with the heart or liver, while the masters keep the head and antlers.


‘Research and Observation?’   A sick joke.
‘Research and Observation?’ A sick joke.

The hunters claim that this sickening cruelty is legal under the ‘Research and Observation’ exemption of the Hunting Act. This is yet another reminder that the cynical hunters will stoop to any level to try to cast a smokescreen of legitimacy over their revolting cruelty.

A HSA spokesperson commented:

“The disgusting scenes captured by courageous North Dorset sabs are being repeated across the southwest week in, week out. There are three stag hunts and at least two buck hunts – who target roe deer – in the area. Each of these hunts rides out several times a week hunting down deer and intimidating anyone who disagrees with them. They need to be stopped.“

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