Fail Hunting: The BHSA’s Latest ‘Trail Hunting’ Demonstration Backfires

Terrierman at the South Notts Hunt. Why would they be there if the hunt was 'trail hunting'_

Friday 8th December saw the second of the British Hound Sports Association’s (BHSA) totally shambolic ‘Trail Hunting Demonstrations’.

Much as the first ‘demonstration’ back in October, Friday’s event proved to be another failed attempt from those in the bloodsport’s so-called ‘governing body’ to portray hunts as working within the law.

Although the event happened near Rugby, the pack chosen to take part was the South Notts Hunt, presumably because West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs have so well and truly sullied the reputation of the Warwickshire Hunt by exposing their blatant illegal hunting week in, week out.

Terrierman at the South Notts Hunt. Why would they be there if the hunt was 'trail hunting'_
Terrierman at the South Notts Hunt. Why would they be there if the hunt was ‘trail hunting’.
Image © Nottingham Hunt Sabs.

Rather than doing anything to shift the public perception of fox hunting, the haphazard display of the smokescreen of ‘trail hunting’ – an activity that simply doesn’t exist outside of the BHSA’s press releases – seemed to demonstrate how much of a fiction it is and how much it differs to what fox hunts up and down the country (including the South Notts Hunt) are doing each week. Indeed, in a characteristic technical mishap – albeit a slightly less damaging one than the organisation’s leaked webinars – the BHSA’s poorly filmed footage of the event mostly showed a close up of hunter Simon Dunn enjoying his lunch!

Hunting is done for - Simon Dunn gatecrashing the BHSA's video
Hunting is done for – Simon Dunn gate-crashing the BHSA’s video

Only last week, Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs caught the South Notts Hunt trespassing on a nature reserve near Bingham in an attempt to find and kill the foxes living there. The week before that, Notts Sabs caught the hunt’s terriermen at a freshly blocked badger sett (done to prevent foxes from escaping down the holes), just before huntsman Robert Howarth’s hounds pursued a fox across a Nottingham County Council landfill site, which again the hunt was banned from entering.

A spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association commented:

“These so-called ‘trail hunting demonstrations’ are almost laughable in their pathetic attempts to claw back any shreds of public reputation. Thanks to the work of hunt saboteurs throughout the UK exposing and stopping these rural crime gangs, the public knows the grim reality of what really happens on a hunt day, and a few shambolic ‘displays’ aren’t going to change that.”

As the country prepares for a general election, the Hunt Saboteurs Association has launched a campaign to secure a real ban on hunting. You can find more here.

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