Fleeing Foxes For Friend Finnegan

On Wednesday the South Shropshire Hunt had their closing meet from Eaton Mascott. Hall. Previously convicted Daniel Cherriman had invited also recently convicted Cheshire Hounds huntsman Ollie Finnegan.

Photos have been put online by one of the supporters which show the hounds in pursuit of a fleeing fox on the estate.

Not a good look for either hunt given the past convictions under the Hunting with Dogs Act.

Other images posted show riders seemingly ‘on point’ and hunt staff and hounds belting right across the middle of crop fields. Not the field margins as we see in any supposed ‘trail laying’ CA or BHSA supported propaganda films.

Cherriman who we hear is on a suspension from the BHSA was recently filmed riding past SSH hounds at the Quorn where they had just killed. And just last week residents near Pontesbury had a fox killed in their garden by these same hounds.

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