Another week, another hunt gone. This time the Cumberland Foxhounds have ‘merged’ with their neighbours, the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds.

The so-called Hunting Office have desperately tried to present this as a ‘successful amalgamation’, but the reality is that there were two hunts in the area and now there is one. 

Both hunts have a violent history. Back in the 1990s, the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds hospitalised a young hunt saboteur who was trying to stop them killing foxes.

Flashback: Cumberland Farmers hammer attack

The following season, a masked Cumberland Foxhounds supporter made national news when they launched a terrifying sledge-hammer attack on a press photographer. 

What is it with hammers and Cumberland hunts?

These days, with their support crumbling away, the Cumberland hunts prefer hiding to hammers. The last time sabs caught up with them, they were trespassing in the grounds of a hotel – a truly pathetic spectacle. 

Hunting in a hotel garden!

HSA Press Officer Lee Moon commented:

Only a week ago we reported that another violent hunt – the Crawley & Horsham – were merging with their neighbours. Today we see the same happening at the other end of the country. This great news means that there is now just one mounted hunt in the whole of Cumbria. The edifice of fox hunting is crumbling away before our eyes. “

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