The Hunt Saboteurs Association is the only organisation that directly intervenes to save wildlife

We are run completely by unpaid volunteers and rely entirely on our members and supporters to continue our work.

We exist primarily to support local sab groups in the field. For the most part we distribute donations in the form of grants to help purchase and maintain the fleet of sab vehicles.

This year alone we have given out over £50,000 to local groups. That means more vehicles out across the country which means more sabs on the ground disrupting more hunts.

The entire £15k raised by this fundraiser will go directly to local groups to help them purchase and maintain vehicles and pay for other vital costs.

These webinars highlight not only how effective sabs are at stopping killing, but also the lengths hunts will go to in order to avoid them. The only thing we completely agree with AMHB Director Richard Tyake on is: “If sabs turn up, you should pack up and go home”.

Right now the hunting community is at its lowest ebb for many years. Hunts are folding and the number of riders across many hunts has dropped year on year as they have come under sustained pressure from increasing numbers of saboteurs.

They’re on their knees and we’re quite happy to kick them while they’re down!

If you want to help sabotage the hunts out of existence please make a donation, no matter how small. It will help get more sabs out in the fields protecting wildlife from the people who kill animals for their own sick thrills.

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Hunt Saboteurs save the lives of thousands of hunted animals every season​